MMD Colloquium 2022: Wearables Technology

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In 2022, Multifunctional Materials Design research group will be hosting a series of online lectures held by invited guests from a number of foremost educational and research institutions. The series is organized by Dr. Fevzihan Basarir and will take place via Zoom. The theme of this year's colloquium sessions is Wearables Technology.

To register please send an email to Dr. Fevzihan Basarir ([email protected]). Zoom link will be shared via email.

Programme of the lecture series

March 2nd at 15.00 
Dr. Elina Ilén (Aalto University): "E-textiles for medical research and diagnostics of infants" 

April 13th at 15.00 
Prof. Onur Parlak (Karolinska Institutet): "Wearable Bioelectronics in Medicine" 

May 11th at 15.00 
Prof. Emilia Peltola (University of Turku): "Carbon based nanomaterials for the electrochemical detection of biomolecules" 

June 1st at 15.00 
Prof. Veikko Sariola (Tampere University): "Sensors for soft robotic devices" 

August 3rd at 15.00 
Souza Leite Clayton (Aalto University): "Human Activity Recognition in Resource-constrained Devices" 
Henry Mauranen (Aalto University): (title of the discussion will be announced later)

September 28th at 15.00 
Dr. Behfar Mohammadhossein (VTT): "Printed electronics for wearable applications" 

October 12th at 15.00 
Prof. Matti Mäntysalo (Tampere University): "On-skin printed electronics for healthcare monitoring" 

The program is part of the WEARSENSNANO project funded by Horizon 2020/Marie Curie Actions/WEARSENSNANO (Grant number: 101031327).

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