MLCS – Mikko Kurimo – Recent Advances in Aalto ASR Group

Koneoppimisen aamiaisseminaarit ovat viikottaisia seminaareja, joita pitää Aalto-yliopisto ja Helsingin yliopisto. Seminaarit tavoittelevat kokoon eri tieteen aloilta ihmisiä, joita kiinnostaa koneoppiminen. Seminaarit ovat maanantaisin klo 9-10.

Recent Advances in Aalto ASR Group

Mikko Kurimo

Professor of Speech and Language Processing,

Aalto University



I will introduce the current research in my automatic speech recognition (ASR) group at Aalto University. It includes the new acoustic and language models by which we won the MGB ASR Challenge 2017 and the new applications such as automatic pronunciation evaluation and verbal description of audiovisual data.



Dr. Mikko Kurimo is a professor in speech and language processing at Aalto University, Finland. He has lead Aalto’s speech recognition research group since 2000 as well as several national and international research projects. His work is internationally best known for unsupervised subword language modeling for morphologically complex languages such as Finnish, Estonian and Arabic.

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