Mathematics and Arts Colloquium: Salvador Dali and the Fourth Dimension - public talk by Thomas Banchoff

Thomas F. Banchoff is a geometer, and an emeritus professor.
Image: John Foraste.
Image: John Foraste.

Helena Sederholm opens the event Meeting Salvador Dali in the Fourth Dimension.

How did Salvador Dali choose an unfolded four-dimensional cross as the central figure in one of his most famous religious paintings?  This talk will describe a ten-year series of meetings with the artist starting in 1975 and a survey of forty years of developments in computer graphics approaches to phenomena in four and higher dimensions.

Thomas F. Banchoff is a geometer, and an emeritus professor at since July 1, 2014 after 47 years teaching at Brown University. Further information.

Mathematics and Arts Colloquium

Niilo Helander Foundation sponsors the event.

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