Matchbox - Kevät 2022

Kuuntele innostavia pitchejä Startup Experience -opiskelijoilta ja tutustu muihin yrittäjämielisiin. Kuka tietää mihin saatat päätyä?
An orange illustration of a matchbox and two matches sparking fire.

Welcome to Matchbox Spring 2022 edition!

Once again, you’ll have the chance to meet up and connect with people from the entrepreneurship and innovation community.

At the core of the event are our Startup Experience students. They have worked for months on their startup ideas and will pitch their solutions to a panel of expert judges from different industries. Come see what they’ve achieved, and get inspiration for your own project! In addition, you can get to know their ideas and the teams behind them better in Idea Expo, along with projects from other players in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

After ideas and inspiration, it’s time for something more informal. Grab a bite and a drink, and get to know other entrepreneurial minds from all over the university. Who knows where you could end up?

The event is free and open to anyone. However, should you want to join the mingle, please sign up so we can reserve the right amount of food: https://forms.office.com/r/PMHdv619Wm

Read more here: https://avp.aalto.fi/event/matchbox-spring-2022/

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