Kinship Photo UNTITLED-festivaaleilla

Taiteilijoita valokuvataiteen maisteriohjelmasta on mukana järjestämässä erityistä työpajaa Untitled-festivaaleilla.
untitled festival

Artists from the MA program in Photography are taking part in the Untitled festival, organised by Demos Helsinki. They are a part of the festival's official program with a special workshop called Kinship Photo. 

"A Kinship Photo is a moment of contemplation. It is an exploration of the physical and virtual spaces through a collaborative photogram. The Kinship procedure creates shadowlike images that turn the power structures of photographing upside down, and broaden the meaning of friendship."

The team members Dominik Fleischmann, Emilia Pennanen, Jenni Toivonen, Kristiina Mäenpää and Tatu Heinämäki, together with artist and mentor Maija Annikki Savolainen, have developed a photography-based work for the festival which includes multiple collaborations between human participants and other beings. Their shared interest in photography is to explore its possibilities as a world-making practice.

The first annual Untitled festival will be held 17–18 September 2020 online and in Helsinki. The Festival is an intimate annual celebration of imagination and experimentation with the focus on the societal transformation and aligning action with unlikely allies. Untitled’s purpose is to collectively reimagine the society, set the agenda for the most important experiments and execute them together. It is founded by an alliance of activists across sectors. The Alliance and its invitees gather together in an annual festival.

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