HIIT -seminaari: Mohieddin Jafari "Network Biomedicine: What Graph Theory Helps Me to Answer in Biology"

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Network Biomedicine: What Graph Theory Helps me to Answer in Biology

Mohieddin Jafari
University of Helsinki

Tuesday 15 March 15:00-16:00
via Zoom: request the link by email: [email protected]
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Abstract: Network science is a data-driven mathematical approach to uncovering the complexity of systems. Biological complex systems could be modeled using various kinds of networks to get a better understanding of mechanistic biology. In this talk, I will outline my journey toward addressing biological questions using graph theory as a platform. I'll go through some of the R packages we've created, including IMMAN, CINNA, and NIMAA, as well as their applications and the context of underlying biological problems.

Bio: Mohieddin Jafari completed his PhD in Applied Proteomics at Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran in 2013. During his doctoral studies, he was a visiting scholar at the Harvard School of Public Health. He continued his education by receiving a Systems Biology Specialization Certificate from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in 2015.

He began working as a senior researcher at the University of Helsinki in 2018. His worked at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) for his first year as a researcher, and he later joined the ONCOSYS research program unit. During his time at the University of Helsinki, he received his Docentship in Bioinformatics and a 500K Euro grant from the Academy of Finland.

His principal area of research is computational modeling and bioinformatics tools for precision medicine, such as network science and biological data mining.

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