Good Life Engine: How to optimize sleep and recovery to maximize focus

How does it feel like when you wake up refreshed for the first time in a long time? How is your day and what can you achieve? Being in sync with your rhythm is possible!
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Join this open Good Life Engine session to learn how to be present and awake when it counts the most. We will go through the scientific basis what controls our sleep, what it means that some people are morning or evening type and what you can do when you are tired but required to function. Through understanding the fundamental basis of sleep and recovery you will get tools to sync your rhythm and learn how to cope in high-paced situations.

The session is run by Hanna M. Ollila, a senior researcher at the Institute for Molecular Medicine (FIMM) at University of Helsinki, and at the Center of Genomic Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr Ollila’s research group focuses on the regulation of sleep, morning or evening preference and how genetic and habitual choices affect our risk for sleep disorders or connect sleep with immunity and diseases.

Dr Ollila gained her PhD in 2013 at the Department of Medicine, University of Helsinki. She then trained six years at Stanford University at the Center of Sleep and Department of Genetics. In addition to training in biological and medical sciences, she has experience in business and entrepreneurship including training from Stanford Business School.

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