From Lab to Market – 360°View on Commercialization

Kutsuimme 12 asiantuntijaa vastaamaan polttaviin kysymyksiisi miten siirtyä labrasta markkinoille!
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Have you been thinking how to grow impact of your research? How to build viable solutions to big problems? Go commercial? Start up? Ready for 360°View on commercialization?

We have invited 12 experts to answer your burning questions on how to move From Lab to Market! Join us for roundtable discussions with 3 x 30 minutes speedy advice around a specific topic of your interest. Get answers and advice to your questions, hear thoughts of other researchers and entrepreneurs, get to know your peers and grow your network!

Roundtable topics

  1. How to get funding? with Tuomas Oksanen
  2. How to find impact angle of your research, idea or startup? with Katja Anoschkin
  3. Improve your pitch – get quick feedback on your slides! with Tarek Omran
  4. Questions related to business development with Paolo Borella
  5. Internationalization with Anna Korkalainen
  6. Convincing people; Internal “idea selling” with Lauri Järvilehto
  7. Investor table: Feedback from VC with Paavo Räisänen
  8. How to build a founding team? with Ossi Numminen
  9. Patenting & IPR issues; when should I register my trademark? with Antti Pirnes
  10. Research to Business –funding and Business Finland with Jaana Rantanen
  11. How to get your first customers & sales with Rasmus Basilier
Pictures of all experts joining From Lab to Market on May 19th

Each table has 8 seats, so prepare to pick alternative topics, if you don’t happen to fit the table you would’ve hoped for!

In addition to the roundtables, VTT Launchpad and Aalto Startup Center are present to answer your questions and tell you more about the opportunities in their organizations.

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The From Lab to Market event series is organized by Aalto Ventures Program, VTT LaunchpadAalto Startup Center and Aalto Innovation Services, in collaboration with Helsinki Think Company.

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