Finland's power network delivering Net Zero. How?

Tämä luentosarja tarkastelee energiajärjestelmien mallintamista eri näkökulmista, teknisen mallintamisen, analyysin ja järjestelmien rakentamisen kautta.
Energy Modelling Series

This event focusses on the key role of transmission networks in delivering a high Renewables Net Zero carbon energy system and explores network challenges and solutions.

Energy Modelling -seminaarisarja | seminaari 2/2022

Finland's power network delivering Net Zero. How?

Janne Seppänen | Professor of Practice, Aalto University & Senior Expert, Fingrid
Susanne Nies | General Manager Germany, SmartWires & Chair of the board, currENT
Andrew Hiorns | Acting General Manager Europe, SmartWires

Janne Seppänen will first give an overview of the challenges for the development of the Finnish transmission system network in line with national climate goals. Topics such as scenarios for the future transmission system, integration of renewable energy, volatility in the future system and need for flexibility will be discussed. Janne will then consider some of the solutions to these challenges within the Finnish transmission system, and also within the broader context of the Nordic power system.  Susanne Nies will then introduce the EU policy context, specifically the needs presented by the EU Fit for 55 package for transmission networks. Susanne will introduce the work of currENT Europe in the field of providing new solutions for optimisation of power networks, focussing on a new report quantifying the combined benefit of such solutions in the European transmission system.

With the first two speakers having given broader perspective for the future of transmission networks at national & EU levels, Andy Hiorns will follow by giving a focus on a specific technology, the SmartValve system for maximising grid transfer capacity.  Andy will outline specific use cases and implementation to date for the technology.  Andy’s presentation will finish with an overview of digitalization & power electronics to better utilize existing network capacity.

This event will thus appeal to those interested in the critical future development of transmission networks necessary to support the Renewable energy transition, going from an overall system perspective down to the role of specific technologies.

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Sam Cross | Platform manager, Advanced Energy Solutions
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Janne Seppänen received the M.Sc. (Eng.) and D.Sc. (Tech.) degrees in electrical engineering from Aalto University, Finland, in 2011 and 2017, respectively. Currently, he is working as a Professor of Practice at Aalto University, Espoo, Finland, and as a Senior Expert at Fingrid Oyj Strategic Grid Planning unit, Helsinki, Finland. Previously, he has worked in several different roles at Fingrid Oyj and at ABB Corporate Research in Switzerland. His main research interests are related to power system dynamics and stability, transmission system planning and analysis as well as transmission system operation and control.

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Susanne Nies is the General Manager Germany at Smart Wires, a global grid tech company, and the Board chair of currENT. Previous employments at C-Level include ENTSO-E, EURELECTRIC, IFRI. German national by origin she holds a PhD from Bonn University and a Habilitation from Berlin Free University and Sciences Po Paris,  as well as an economics degree from London School of Economics.

This event is part of Aalto Networking Platform's monthly energy modelling seminar series.

How can energy modelling drive the sustainable energy transition?

How can we create models of future energy systems that can be used by policymakers, industry and societal stakeholders? How can we best design modelling exercises to steer the sustainable energy transition?

This series aims to look at the different aspects of modelling for energy systems, through technical modelling, analysis, and building of systems. The seminars will bring together guest speakers from industry with Aalto researchers to tackle these questions. Each event in the series will treat a discrete field of modelling.

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