Circular Innovation Fair 2020

Tervetuloa Circular Innovation Fair 2020 Pitching -tapahtumaan
Circular Innovation Fair 2020

You are warmly welcome to Circular Innovation Fair 2020 - early stage circular innovations pitching event!

This is an official side event of the World Circular Economy Forum Online (WCEFonline), hosted by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and its partners.


Time:     Thursday November 26th, 2020 at 13.00-17.00

Location:  Live streaming from Vaunusali, Korjaamo Culture Factory, Töölönkatu 51 B, Helsinki

Registration:  https://www.lyyti.in/CircularInnovationFair  by November 16th, 2020

Pitching and networking event for co-developed innovative circular design concepts and ideas by Aalto University, GTK, Luke, SYKE and VTT. Stakeholders are warmly welcome to this Circular Design Challenge Competition closing event!

13.00-13.30 Opening and inspiration!

Opening by John Kettle, event moderator and Director of Customer Relations at Natural Resources Institute Finland, and Co-Creation Manager, Circular Design Challenge Competition lead Inka Orko, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Circular Design show cases: Woodio Ltd, Petro Lahtinen, founder & CEO; Kamupak Ltd, Iida Miettinen, founder & CEO

13.30-14.30 Value from side streams!

Hopsista - Novel hops derived products from farming and brewing industry side streams (Luke, VTT)

DOOMED - Design out mine waste and CO2 emission for durable products (GTK and VTT)

The High Purity Metal Extraction Using Plasma and Magnetic Spectrometry (Aalto University, GTK, VTT and SYKE)

The Sustainable Growing Medium for Global Greenhouse Production (GTK, Luke, VTT and SYKE)

Closing the Loop in Wood Construction (Aalto University and VTT in collaboration with HAMK, JYU, Mayt Oy, Carbonex Oy and HSY)

14.30-14.45 Break! - Live camera stopping at the side tables

14.45-15.10 Circular by digital!

The Circular Indicators Toolbox - a digital toolbox for extended life cycle designs (VTT, Aalto University and SYKE)

The Virtual Zero Waste Agrofood System (VTT, Luke and SYKE)

The Clothing Circulator - a data driven service platform for consumers (Aalto University and VTT)

15.10-16.15 User driven circular design!

Stack2Recycle - a packaging concept designed from polymer to customer to recyclable material for minimized CO2 emissions (Aalto University, SYKE and VTT)

The Birkewolle - transparent and sustainable textile value chain (Aalto University, Luke, VTT and SYKE)

VIS - Sustainable Urban Food Production Platform (Aalto University and Luke)

Kitchen Manager - zero food waste (Aalto University and Luke)

EcoMeter for Microplastics (Luke and Aalto University in collaboration with EcoMeter Team)

16.15-16.45 Comments, questions, connections and discussion!

16.45 Closing the event - talk more with you soon!


Aalto University, Geological Survey of Finland GTK, Natural Resources Institute Luke, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland


Jonne Hirvonen, [email protected]

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