AQP -seminaari: Dirac semimetal-based quantum devices towards 1D topological superconductivity

Aalto Quantum Physics -seminaari (Zoom). Puhuja: Prof. Chuan Li (Department of Physics, University of Twente)


One of the main directions to realize the topological quantum bit is combining topological materials with conventional superconductors. The notion of topological phases has been extended to higher-order and has been generalized to different dimensions. In the last few years, our research demonstrates the possibility of realizing the topological superconductivity in engineered 3D Dirac semimetals [1,2] and their 1D hinge states. Particularly, Cd3As2 is predicted to be a higher-order topological semimetal, possessing three-dimensional bulk Dirac fermions, two-dimensional Fermi arcs [3], and one-dimensional hinge states [4]. These topological states have different characteristic length scales in electronic transport, allowing one to distinguish their properties when changing sample size.


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