5G Hack the Mall

Take part in an open 5G online summer course and learn the basics of 5G and its use cases. Topics include the current state of 5G markets, mobile communications system, AI, Cyber Security, IoT, XR and Autonomous Cars. You will also have a chance to conduct project work with partner companies under the guidance of experienced mentors, or dive into 5G Hackathon challenges!
Aalto Univeristy / 5G Hack The Mall course demo / photo: Linda Koskinen

Please notice that this page is for the 2020 edition of the course. You may browse the page to find out what this course is all about. Click here to read more about the 2021 course.

Students will learn the basics about 5G and its use cases such as basic principles in 5G including the current state of 5G markets, mobile communications system, networks and Radio Access, 5G and AI, Cyber Security as well as the main verticals: IoT, XR and Autonomous cars and short overview to 6G.

Additionally, the course aims to promote communications and group work, with students realising and reporting teamwork projects within the scopes of 5G use case areas, ranging from visionary studies to building of practical demonstration prototypes. The groups mix students from different backgrounds according to separate instructions. At the end of the course the groups document and present their project results. 

In case of limitations the course will be held completely online.

Aalto-yliopiston kesäkoulu

Aalto-yliopiston kesäkoulu tarjoaa korkealaatuisia akateemisia kesäkursseja ja -ohjelmia Aalto-yliopistossa.

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Students in front of Väre building of Aalto University campus
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