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KETO - People Flow (2021-2023)

The Implementation Pathway for Environments that Accelerate Sustainable Growth (KETO)

The Implementation Pathway for Environments that Accelerate Sustainable Growth project develops cooperation between businesses, educational institutes and research organisations, and creates concrete development environments to promote the green transition and digitalisation. The project will implement quickly-adoptable solutions and work on building the foundation for future jobs and competitive advantages. The project is implemented in cooperation with VTT, Aalto University, Omnia and partner companies. The Peope Flow Campus Pilot is part of the KETO-project related to the Smart Otaniemi initiative.
The KETO-project
Aalto University Campus
The People Flow Campus Pilot

The People Flow Campus Pilot 2021-2023

The People Flow Campus Pilot is part of the KETO-project related to the mobility of people indoors and outdoors at center of the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University. The focus is on sustainable travel modes like walking, biking and public transport. Otaniemi is soon becoming a major hub of the mass transit (Western Metro & Raide-Jokeri). Within present test area the people flows in/out of the metro and between the Väre building and the Undergraduate Centre are in focus, but any movements within the Korkeakoulu square can be tracked. The future plans involve extend the sensor area and improve the object detection (e.g. trams, e-scooters, delivery robots etc.). For further information, please contact: iisakki.kosonen (at) aalto.fi.

360 3D-Lidar and the edge computing unit
Velodyne 360 3D-lidar with the edge computing unit

Lidar technology is used for measurement of the outdoor mobility. With lidar technology people cannot be identified, so the are no issues with the protection of privacy. At thre moment two Velodyne 360-lidars have been installed into the street light poles at the Korkeakoulu square. The range of these 3D-lidars is about 50 meters from the sensor device. The point clouds are processed locally in the edge-computing unit below the lidar. The trajectory data of people is sent into a cloud-based service. The system was provided by Nodeon Oy and Bluecity.ai (now Velodyne).

Lidar positioning
The the main people flows and the positioning of the lidars

One lidar is located close the the Metro entrance, but it can also measure the flows from the main entrance of the Väre building. The other lidar is located on the main route between the Väre building and the Undergraduate Centre. This lidar can detect people up to the main entrance of the Undergraduate Centre. The blind spots caused by the poles are directed towards the tree in the middle, where less people are moving.

Lidar 2 Heatmap 24h
Lidar 2: heatmap of 24 hours

The data can be explored by a dashboard tool. The heatmap of 24 hours is shown in the figure demonstrating the main people flows across the Korkeakoulu square.

People flows within the Väre building
People flows within the Väre building

For indoor mobility measurements, Wifi-positioning technology is used to measure the mobility, concentrations and routes of people. In the picture the main routes of people within the Väre building are shown. The Wifi-data is noisy, so extensive post-processing is necessary and therefore the data is not available in real-time, but only at the next day. Precise models of each floor and their rooms are needed for processing of the data. The indoor data processing was provided by the Louhos Solutions Oy.

People counts: Metro - Campus
People counts: Metro - Campus

An exampe of simple analysis of the People Flow data. The number of people going in and out of the metro can be counted and shown on the dashboard. During the morning hours more people come to the campus and in the afternoon more people are leaving thre campus.
More analysis and visualization of the data will be done over the time. Processing and visualization of real-time people movements is also under construction.

Partners of the KETO - People Flow Campus Pilot
Partners of the KETO-project and the People Flow Campus Pilot
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