IDBM Alumni Stories

See what the IDBM alumni have to say about the programme, and how the master's studies helped them along their career paths.
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Alumni Stories

Juho Kinnunen, Business Designer, Futurice

"Are you anxious to break free from traditional business siloes and learn about service design, design thinking, innovation management, business models and multidisciplinary co-creation? These are the key themes that IDBM taught me, and not just in theory. Various team projects, interactive lectures and intense study pace with real-life problem solving provide exciting and valuable hands-on learning experiences. Combined with entrepreneurship studies, IDBM supported me in my career ambitions to strive with digital business design after graduation – first at Fjord, and now at Futurice. Curious for more insights? Just give me a call: +358 503066244."

Jemina Lehmuskoski, Senior Service Designer, Valuemotive

"Studies in IDBM help you build a solid theoretical toolbox for tackling complexity in design and innovation activities. You also gain practical experience in interdisciplinary teams on real-life problems — a skillset useful on any path you might end up on. I got my first R&D position through our Industry Project, and have both worked and stayed friends with fellow students. The program is an intensive deep-dive into bringing the best of your background and knowledge into multidisciplinary teamwork, but also an exciting opportunity to explore the other domains less familiar to you beforehand!"

Thomas Abrell, Volkswagen, Germany

"IDBM was an interesting learning journey from me. I met incredibly skillful and motivated people who soon became a very close-knit community. Interesting for me was to tailor the master program towards my interests, being able to choose courses from all parts of Aalto, together with hands-on global projects. IDBM taught me to think global, and this international mindset and network is something I draw on. I found particularly remarkable how the faculty encouraged initiatives, taught a "can do“ mentality, allowed students to experiment, to fail and succeed. It was a lot of work, but pretty fun!"

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