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Why Study Sustainability?

Recent collaborations and hands-on project work

In Creative Sustainability project work courses, the School of Business students have co-operated with companies from such sectors as energy, construction, food, services, and forest industry. Examples of recent project work can be found here: capstone.

During studies, business students of Creative Sustainability team up with designers and engineers to participate in various sustainability-related competitions, challenges and hackathons. Winners get to take their projects further into life providing students with invaluable work experience. See, for example, how CS students won the Social Hackathon.

To learn more about ongoing activities, please visit the programme website.

Why Study Sustainability?

The major development challenges of sustainability include climate change, global poverty, social and economic inequality, population growth as well as demographic changes and adapting to rapid global economic changes. The global and local challenges and the complexity of future scenarios increasingly require a multidisciplinary approach as well as education that can address the linkages between the environmental, the economic and the socio-cultural. Higher education and research have thus become essential to the search for sustainable solutions in society.

Why Study Sustainability in Finland?

The high quality of Finnish education has been recognised worldwide on numerous occasions. Thanks to the non-hierarchical culture and liberal values of Finnish education, students in Finland get to work with governmental officials, dynamic non-profits and fast-developing companies on projects related to sustainability, development and innovation. Such experiences provide future graduates with valuable training, skills and a convincing work history. Furthermore, Finland is a leading country in a number of global sustainability rankings and has one of the world's most ambitious national climate targets, which is creating exciting sustainability-related career opportunities for our graduates both locally and globally.

Why Study Sustainability at Aalto?

Aalto is a dynamic Finnish university that takes pride in its innovative and multidisciplinary approach to education and research. It offers a unique opportunity to not only earn a degree in a single field, but to also acquire learning enriched with multidisciplinarity at the intersection of science, design and business. Aalto University is committed to building a sustainable society driven by innovation and entrepreneurship.

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