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NDI Briefing Note: Making climate change visible: Evidence from the Russian Arctic

The latest Northern Dimension Institute Briefing Note "Making climate change visible: Evidence from the Russian Arctic" has been published.
Jäänmurtajia pohjoisella meritiellä
Icebreaking wiring in the waters of the Northern Sea Route. Photo by E. Varakin.

Tatiana Sorokina and Evgeniy Varakin, Northern (Arctic) Federal University (NArFU), Arkhangelsk, Russia:
Making climate change visible: Evidence from the Russian Arctic

This briefing note presents practical evidence on the impact of climate change on the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. The large-scale consequences of global warming are manifested in dangerous climatic phenomena and irreversible natural processes, which is confirmed by statistical data, as well as in the occurrence of many incidents, accidents and catastrophes. Immediate and rapid actions are urgently needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to prevent further irreversible environmental damage and reduce risks to humanity.

Read the NDI Briefing Note here

For more information, please contact the authors:
Tatiana Sorokina, [email protected]
Evgeniy Varakin, [email protected]

The NDI Briefing Note is a news-type short article with the purpose to raise awareness about an issue relevant for the Northern Dimension area and the ND thematic partnerships. 

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