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Johtamisfilosofian tutkimuksessa ja opetuksessa keskitytään ensisijaisesti moraalifilosofiaan ja poliittiseen filosofiaan, liiketoiminnan etiikkaan ja yhteiskuntatieteiden filosofiaan.
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Ongoing doctoral research projects

Business: A Force for Peace – Tilman Bauer

  • Tilman started under Matti Häyry’s supervision in 2017 and studies the potential for ethical business to foster holistic peace in society. The idea that peace can be seen as the substance of positive impact in the business context pertains to fundamental questions of the philosophical nature and purpose of business, as well as to corporate social responsibility and business ethics. This study asks how companies can climb the “ladder of morality” in order to move towards a new paradigm of responsible business.

Meaningful encounters between bodies - Leni Grünbaum

  • Leni started under Matti Häyry’s supervision in 2019. Leni investigates what kind of encounters organizational actors experience as meaningful and what opportunities these encounters open up. The emphasis is on the role of embodied action in facilitated group situations. The topic is examined from three different perspectives: sensemaking, affect and dialogical practices.

The Morality of Corporate Social Responsibility – Marja Svanberg

  • Marja’s research, started under Matti Häyry’s supervision in 2014, focuses on the conceptualization and morality of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Specifically, she explores the essence of CSR and its relation to the profit motive. Additionally, she studies the general moral framing of business ethics.

Latest publications

Johtamisen laitos
Publishing year: 2020 Journal of Business Ethics
Konetekniikan laitos, Koneensuunnittelu, Design Factory, Johtamisen laitos
Publishing year: 2020 Design Studies
Konetekniikan laitos, Koneensuunnittelu, Design Factory, Johtamisen laitos
Johtamisen laitos
Publishing year: 2020 Academy of Management Journal
Johtamisen laitos
Publishing year: 2020 Organization Studies
Rakennetun ympäristön laitos, Vesi- ja ympäristötekniikka, Sustainability in Business, Johtamisen laitos, Koulun palvelutoiminnot, Muotoilun laitos
Publishing year: 2020 Earth's Future
Johtamisen laitos
Johtamisen laitos
Publishing year: 2020 HEALTH AND TECHNOLOGY
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Research database

Recently completed research projects

Unorthodox Organizations and Research Ethics of Radical Ethnography – Maarit Laihonen

  • In this post-doctoral research project 2017-2018, I studied the nature of unorthodox organizations in a context of radical resistance. The research was based on a one-year in-depth ethnography on a protest camp. The focus is on theorizing from a peculiar organizational setting, its everyday and political context. In addition, I contribute to the discussion of research ethics and other methodological questions in utilizing ethnographic methods in sensitive settings. This study was funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation. The project included one year visitor position in Harvard University (funded by Foundation for Economic Education and HSE Foundation).

Interfaces for Empathy: Regenerative notes – Reflecting and developing empathetic practices in post-fossil world – Maarit Laihonen and working group Mari Keski-Korsu and Petri Ruikka

  • Interfaces for Empathy was and is an interdisciplinary research group, and also an entity that aims for pragmatic results in form of workshops, discussions and actions. The group is researching the contents and method of empathy in collaborative and collective intelligence and action, in order to apply them to creative activism and conscious action. The project was funded by Kone Foundation in 2018. Further funding has been applied for.

Hijacking responsibility: Philosophical studies on health distribution – Johanna Ahola-Launonen

  • In this PhD thesis (conducted at the University of Helsinki 2013-2018, Social and Moral Philosophy), I examine the theoretical background of a political trend, the responsibilization of the individual. The trend turns complex societal issues like poverty and sickness into simple questions of individual responsibility. I look the issue especially from point of view of distribution of health and argue that discussions on responsibility have been hijacked by a simplified backward-looking desert-based view. My main claim is that responsibility should not have a role in the distribution of primary goods. The work was funded mainly by Kone foundation, together with the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Academy of Finland, the Aalto Business School, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Synthetic Biology and Ethics (SynBioEthics) – Matti Häyry, Tuija Takala, Johanna Ahola-Launonen

  • In this project, funded by the Academy of Finland during 2013–2017, we studied the ethical and philosophical questions surrounding scientific attempts to produce life (living organisms or their parts) from inanimate matter. More information about the project can be found here.

Justice and Its Alternatives in a Globalizing World (OIVA) – Matti Häyry, Tuija Takala, Johanna Ahola-Launonen

  • In this Argumenta project, funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation during 2015–2017, we studied the many meanings people can attach to the word “justice”, and endeavoured to convey the ambiguity of the concept, and the political implications of this ambiguity, to expert and lay audiences in workshops and public lecture series. More information about the project (in Finnish) can be found here.

Political Corporate Responsibility – Jukka Mäkinen

  • This project approached the political and socio-economic roles of businesses in contemporary societies from the perspective of the liberal theories of social justice. More particularly, the project aimed towards a new conception of political corporate responsibility based on some of the key ideas of John Rawls’s political philosophy. The research from this project has appeared in journals such as Business Ethics Quarterly, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Global Ethics, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Management and Organization Review, and Utilitas.
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