Informaatio- ja tietoliikennetekniikan laitos

Kommunikaatioakustiikka: Tilaääni ja psykoakustiikka

Kommunikaatioakustiikka on tieteenala, joka käsittelee äänen tuottamista, tallentamista, välittämistä, toistamista sekä havaitsemista.
Aalto University / Communication acoustics / photo: Ville Pulkki

Viimeisimmät julkaisut

Investigating sound-field reproduction methods as perceived by bilateral hearing aid users and normal-hearing listeners

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Compression of Higher-Order Ambisonic Signals using Directional Audio Coding

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The impact of head-worn devices in an auditory-aided visual search task

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Toward a Standard Listener-Independent HRTF to Facilitate Long-Term Adaptation

Pedro Llado Gonzalez, Katharina Pollack, Nils Meyer-Kahlen 2024 Journal of the Audio Engineering Society

Underwater soundfield visualisation using directionally constrained acoustic parameters

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Using optimal mass transport in bearing-time records for underwater target localization and tracking

Vasileios Bountourakis, Filip Elvander, Ville Pulkki 2023 Underwater Acoustic Conference and Exhibition Series

Location as Supervision for Weakly Supervised Multi-Channel Source Separation of Machine Sounds

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Dataset and analysis of acoustic intensity vector measurements around an upscaled ear model

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Common-slope modeling of late reverberation

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