Timo Nurmi

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T314 Dept. Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
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Altered excitation-inhibition balance in the primary sensorimotor cortex to proprioceptive hand stimulation in cerebral palsy

Mia Illman, Julia Jaatela, Jaakko Vallinoja, Timo Nurmi, Helena Mäenpää, Harri Piitulainen 2024 Clinical Neurophysiology

Functional connectivity of sensorimotor network is enhanced in spastic diplegic cerebral palsy : A multimodal study using fMRI and MEG

Jaakko Vallinoja, Timo Nurmi, Julia Jaatela, Vincent Wens, Mathieu Bourguignon, Helena Mäenpää, Harri Piitulainen 2024 Clinical Neurophysiology

Altered corpus callosum structure in adolescents with cerebral palsy

Julia Jaatela, Timo Nurmi, Jaakko Vallinoja, Helena Mäenpää, Viljami Sairanen, Harri Piitulainen 2023 Brain Structure and Function

Limb-specific thalamocortical tracts are impaired differently in hemiplegic and diplegic subtypes of cerebral palsy

J Jaatela, DB Aydogan, T Nurmi, J Vallinoja, H Maenpaa, H Piitulainen 2023 Cerebral Cortex

Proprioceptive response strength in the primary sensorimotor cortex is invariant to the range of finger movement

Timo Nurmi, Maria Hakonen, Mathieu Bourguignon, Harri Piitulainen 2023 NeuroImage

More comprehensive proprioceptive stimulation of the hand amplifies its cortical processing

Maria Hakonen, Timo Nurmi, Jaakko Vallinoja, Julia Jaatela, Harri Piitulainen 2022 Journal of Neurophysiology

Identification of proprioceptive thalamocortical tracts in children: comparison of fMRI, MEG, and manual seeding of probabilistic tractography

Julia Jaatela, Dogu Baran Aydogan, Timo Nurmi, Jaakko Vallinoja, Harri Piitulainen 2022 Cerebral Cortex

Corticokinematic coherence is stronger to regular than irregular proprioceptive stimulation of the hand

Toni Mujunen, Timo Nurmi, Harri Piitulainen 2021 Journal of Neurophysiology

Stronger proprioceptive BOLD-responses in the somatosensory cortices reflect worse sensorimotor function in adolescents with and without cerebral palsy

Timo Nurmi, Julia Jaatela, Jaakko Vallinoja, Helena Mäenpää, Harri Piitulainen 2021 NeuroImage: Clinical

Attention directed to proprioceptive stimulation alters its cortical processing in the primary sensorimotor cortex

Harri Piitulainen, Timo Nurmi, Maria Hakonen 2021 European Journal of Neuroscience