Sini Vihma

Sini Vihma

University Teacher
University Teacher
A899 School common, ARTS

Sini Vihma is a visual artist working in the field of painting. She has exhibited her works in solo exhibitions and group shows since 2005. She is interested in the process of painting as a chance to express and combine the intuitive, emotional and rational sides of the mind.

The focus in her teaching is in colour and perception and contemporary art, particularly painting.

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Assignments 1: Dream and 2: Art and Sustainability

Sini Vihma 2022 Visual artist’s workbook : essays and exercises on teaching arts

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Sini Vihma 2011

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Sini Vihma 2011

Voisitko nähdä näin?

Sini Vihma 2011

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Sini Vihma 2009