Sara Elina Ilveskorpi

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
A806 Department of Art and Media

Sara Ilveskorpi is a visual artist, art educator and gardener. Ilveskorpi explores deep ecological understanding and permaculture as a pragmatic philosophical basis for artistic work. Her work and lifestyle aimes at self-sufficiency and take place on Nytorp Farm on the Island of Kimitoön in Southwest Finland. Ilveskorpi considers her work as site-specific, where the unique ecology of the site is explored and affected symbiotically. The main themes in her work are permanence, temporality, and flexibility. In her research Ilveskorpi focuses on the contradictions of ecological reconstruction at the level of values. She surveys interactions between the bioregional area and studies how it is possible to reveal and further explore value issues through a practice that relies on local resources.

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Observations of the Landscape

"Observations of the Landscape" environment art proposal was selected to be part of 10th anniversary of the Turku National Urban Park.
Invitation or ranking in competition Department of Art and Media Apr 2023

Veden ja harjun välissä -exhibition

Granted funding (personal grants) Department of Art and Media Feb 2023

RunoUs. Winner of the Runosmäki public art project competition

Invitation or ranking in competition School Common ARTS Jan 2022

Ars Bioarctica Residency, Kilpisjärvi Finland

Granted funding (personal grants) School Common ARTS Jan 2022


Harjun ja veden välissä

Sara Ilveskorpi, Liisa Ilveskorpi 2023

Havaintoja maisemasta

Sara Ilveskorpi 2023

Lumen akustiikka

Sara Ilveskorpi 2023


Sara Ilveskorpi, Aino Toivettula 2023

XXV Mäntän Kuvataideviikot

Sara Ilveskorpi, Sanna Vainionpää 2021