Sanna Lehtinen

Research Fellow
Research Fellow
A899 School common, ARTS

Sanna Lehtinen (PhD 2015, Univ. of Helsinki) works as a Research Fellow in the Transdisciplinary Art Studies unit (TAITE) at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She is also a Docent of Aesthetics at the University of Helsinki. Sanna's research focuses on urban environmental aesthetics and the philosophy of the city, and her current research interests include aesthetic sustainability, transgenerational aesthetics, and aesthetics of new urban technologies. Sanna’s publications include journal articles published in Open Philosophy, Essays in Philosophy, Philosophical Inquiries, Sustainability Science, and Behaviour & Information Technology, invited articles in edited volumes published by Routledge, Bloomsbury, Springer, and Oxford University Press, as well as editing special issues for Environmental Values, Contemporary Aesthetics, ESPES, East Asian Journal of Philosophy, and Open Philosophy. Sanna was the President of the Finnish Society for Aesthetics and a Delegate in the Executive Committee of the International Association of Aesthetics in 2019–21. She is currently a Codirector in the Board of the international Philosophy of the City Research Group (PotC) and an affiliate member in 4TU. Centre for Ethics and Technology. Sanna is a member of the editorial boards in several international academic journals in addition to being the Assistant Editor of Contemporary Aesthetics. Sanna teaches c. 5 courses annually at Aalto ARTS and Aalto SCI and supervises Doctoral and Master's level students at Aalto ARTS and at the University of Helsinki. 

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Aesthetics, Philosophy of art, Environmental aesthetics, Urban aesthetics, Sustainability science, Philosophy of Technology, Postphenomenology, Pragmatism, Applied Philosophy, Philosophy of the City, Philosophy of Architecture, Practical philosophy


Shortlisted for the Pavilion of Finland at the Biennale Architettura 2023

Invitation or ranking in competition Department of Art and Media Jan 2022


Aesthetic Values in the Maintenance of Urban Technologies

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