Rouven Alexander Koch

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • Correlated Quantum Materials (CQM), Doctoral Researcher


Hamiltonian learning with real-space impurity tomography in topological moiré superconductors

Maryam Khosravian, Rouven Koch, Jose Lado 2024 JPhys materials

Hamiltonian Inference from Dynamical Excitations in Confined Quantum Magnets

Netta Karjalainen, Zina Lippo, Guangze Chen, Rouven Koch, Adolfo Otero Fumega, Jose Lado 2023 Physical Review Applied

Adversarial Hamiltonian learning of quantum dots in a minimal Kitaev chain

Rouven Koch, David van Driel, Alberto Bordin, Jose Lado, Eliska Greplova 2023 Physical Review Applied

Neural network enhanced hybrid quantum many-body dynamical distributions

Rouven Koch, Jose Lado 2021 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH