Rina Ibragimova

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
T105 Chemistry and Materials
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  • DAS Group, Postdoctoral Researcher


Native Vacancy Defects in MXenes at Etching Conditions

Rina Ibragimova, Patrick Rinke, Hannu Pekka Komsa 2022

Fermiology of two-dimensional titanium carbide and nitride MXenes

Mohammad Bagheri, Rina Ibragimova, Hannu Pekka Komsa 2021

First principles study of the stability of MXenes under an electron beam

Rina Ibragimova, Zhong Peng Lv, Hannu Pekka Komsa 2021

Surface Functionalization of 2D MXenes

Rina Ibragimova, Paul Erhart, Patrick Rinke, Hannu Pekka Komsa 2021

PH-Dependent Distribution of Functional Groups on Titanium-Based MXenes

Rina Ibragimova, Martti J. Puska, Hannu Pekka Komsa 2019

Self-organized twist-heterostructures via aligned van der Waals epitaxy and solid-state transformations

Peter Sutter, Rina Ibragimova, Hannu Pekka Komsa, Bruce A. Parkinson, Eli Sutter 2019