Rahul Krishnan Mangayil

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
T107 Bioproducts and Biosystems
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  • Bioprocess engineering, Assistant Professor


Characterization, genome analysis and genetic tractability studies of a new nanocellulose producing Komagataeibacter intermedius isolate

Pietro Cannazza, Antti J. Rissanen, Essi Sarlin, Dieval Guizelini, Carlotta Minardi, Pauli Losoi, Francesco Molinari, Diego Romano, Rahul Mangayil 2022

The role of organic matter and microbial community controlling nitrate reduction under elevated ferrous iron concentrations in boreal lake sediments

Helena Jäntti, Tom Jilbert, Sanni L. Aalto, Asko Simojoki, Rahul Mangayil, Sari Peura, Antti J. Rissanen 2022

Batch Experiments Demonstrating a Two-Stage Bacterial Process Coupling Methanotrophic and Heterotrophic Bacteria for 1-Alkene Production From Methane

Ramita Khanongnuch, Rahul Mangayil, Ville Santala, Anne Grethe Hestnes, Mette Marianne Svenning, Antti J. Rissanen 2022

Draft genome sequence data of a psychrophilic tundra soil methanotroph, Methylobacter psychrophilus Z-0021 (DSM 9914)

Antti Juhani Rissanen, Rahul Mangayil, Mette Marianne Svenning, Ramita Khanongnuch 2022

Characterization of Komagataeibacter isolate reveals new prospects in waste stream valorization for bacterial cellulose production

Pietro Cannazza, Antti J. Rissanen, Dieval Guizelini, Pauli Losoi, Essi Sarlin, Diego Romano, Ville Santala, Rahul Mangayil 2021

Characterization of a novel bacterial cellulose producer for the production of eco-friendly piezoelectric-responsive films from a minimal medium containing waste carbon

Rahul Mangayil, Antti J. Rissanen, Arno Pammo, Dieval Guizelini, Pauli Losoi, Essi Sarlin, Sampo Tuukkanen, Ville Santala 2021

Bioaugmentation enhances dark fermentative hydrogen production in cultures exposed to short-term temperature fluctuations

Onyinye Okonkwo, Renaud Escudie, Nicolas Bernet, Rahul Mangayil, Aino Maija Lakaniemi, Eric Trably 2020

Enhancing piezoelectric properties of bacterial cellulose films by incorporation of MnFe2O4 nanoparticles

Nipaporn Sriplai, Rahul Mangayil, Arno Pammo, Ville Santala, Sampo Tuukkanen, Supree Pinitsoontorn 2020