Onerva Korhonen

T313 Dept. Computer Science

Post-doctoral researcher at Department of Computer Science.

My research concentrates on the functional networks of the human brain at multiple spatial and temporal scales. I work to develop and implement tools for modelling the brain as a temporal network on a flexible and naturalistic way, paying special attention on the accurate definition of network nodes and links. I am interested in multilayer network presentations of the brain, disruptive effects of neurological diseases on the network structure of the brain, the functional role of brain areas’ changing functional homogeneity, and connections between brain’s structure and function.

Further, I am interested to apply network methods to understand urban climate governance and actions.

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[email protected]


Network neuroscience, Human connectome, Brain networks, FMRI preprocessing, Urban climate governance, Climate actions


  • Professorship Saramäki J., Visitor (Faculty)
  • Professorship Saramäki J., Visitor (Faculty)


Principles and open questions in functional brain network reconstruction

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Effects of spatial smoothing on group-level differences in functional brain networks

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Regions of Interest as nodes of dynamic functional brain networks

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Consistency of Regions of Interest as nodes of fMRI functional brain networks

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Sparse weightings for collapsing inverse solutions to cortical parcellations optimize M/EEG source reconstruction accuracy

Onerva Korhonen, Satu Palva, Matias J. Palva 2014 Journal of Neuroscience Methods