Nuutti Varis

T412 Department of Information and Communications Engineering
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Utilizing Connection Usage Characteristics for Faster Web Data Transport

Gautam Raj Moktan, Nutti Varis, Jukka Manner 2018

National mobility in coalition tactical networks

Sam McLaughlin, Roland Schutz, Robert Hancock, Konrad Wrona, Jon Spencer, Marko Luoma, Nuutti Varis, Vinod K. Mishra, Per Carlen, A. Metin Belci 2017 2017 International Conference on Military Communications and Information Systems, ICMCIS 2017

On detecting TCP path saturation in LTE networks

Lennart Schulte, Eren Boz, Nuutti Varis, Jukka Manner 2017

Distributed Routing Bridges

Nuutti Varis 2016

DBridges: Flexible Floodless Frame Forwarding

Nuutti Varis, Jukka Manner, Mikko Särelä, Timo Kiravuo 2013

A layer-2 approach for mobility and transport in the mobile backhaul

Nuutti Varis, Jukka Manner, Johanna Heinonen 2011 2011 11th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications, ITST 2011

In the network: Sandy Bridge versus Nehalem

Nuutti Varis, Jukka Manner 2011 29th International Symposium on Computer Performance, Modeling, Measurements and Evaluation, IFIP 2011, Amsterdam, Netherlands,18-20 October, 2011,

Performance of a Software Switch

Nuutti Varis, Jukka Manner 2011 12th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing, HPSR 2011, Cartagena, Spain, 4-6 July 2011

Minimizing ARP Broadcasting in TRILL

Nuutti Varis, Jukka Manner 2009 1st IEEE Workshop on Below IP Networking GLOBECOM Workshops, Honolulu, Hawaii, Nov 30-Dec 4, 2009