Nathaly Carolina Pinto Torres

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
A803 Dept. Design

Case study: Emergencia de Educación en la Amazonía Ecuatoriana

(Education Emergency in the Ecuadorian Amazon), is an ongoing participatory project, started in 2020, aiming to design a system of pictograms and infographics for popular education processes with and for indigenous students from 9 different nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon. 

We are motivated by the need to keep building own representation resources and making visible different ways of marginalisation from university and education, that Indigenous students experience. In this process, we working together: indigenous students, Confeniae (which is the mother organization for indigenous peoples in the region); and design researcher; to investigate and support, local resistance practices —both material and symbolic—that challenge social exclusion.

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The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP)

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Intervenciones de diseño participativo: apoyando redes de cuidado universitarias en tiempos de Covid

Nathaly Pinto, Xavier Barriga-Abríl, Katy Machoa, Paola Minoia 2023 Plurinacionalidad y justicia epistemica. Retos de la educación intercultural en la Amazonía Ecuatoriana

Diseñando entre estudiantes en tiempos de COVID

Nathaly Pinto Torres, Xavier Barriga Abril, Katy Machoa, Paola Minoia 2022 Educación intercultural y plurinacionalidad en Ecuador


Nathaly Pinto Torres 2022 Diseño y territorios

La importancia de entender el contexto

Nathaly Pinto Torres 2022 Diseño y territorios

Mujeres de las nacionalidades: nuestro método organizativo

Nathaly Pinto Torres, Camila Martínez 2022

Pictogramas para reportar y resistir

Nathaly Pinto Torres, Efrén Nango 2022 Voz de la Confeniae

Resistance, Social Reproduction and emerging commitments for collaborative design from the margins

Nathaly Pinto Torres, Brenda Vertiz Marquez, Andrea Botero 2022 The Design Research Society Conference (DRS2022)

Pluriversal Design: A Virtual Decolonising Exhibition

Asnath Paula Kambunga, Rachel Charlotte Smith, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Nathaly Pinto Torres, Xavier Barriga Abril, Laura Boffi, Emmanuel Dzisi, Tariq Zaman, Desiree Hernandez Ibinarriaga, Anne Chahine, Laura Lennert Jensen, Vivi Vold 2021

Emergencia de educación en la Amazonía: universitarios indígenas resisten

Nathaly Pinto Torres, Efrén Nango 2021 Voz de la Confeniae