Mikko Hakala

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T300 School services, SCI
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Manager in high performace computing and data analytics at the Aalto School of Science. Contact areas include: AI, support for computational research, CSC collaboration, research software development, sensitive data.

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Interfacial oxide growth in silicon/high-k oxide interfaces: First principles modeling of the Si-HfO2 interface

M. H. Hakala, A. S. Foster, J.L. Gavartin, P. Havu, M. J. Puska, R. M. Nieminen 2006

Finite-element implementation for electron transport in nanostructures

P. Havu, V. Havu, M.J. Puska, M. H. Hakala, A. S. Foster, R. M. Nieminen 2006

Modeling the silicon-hafnia interface

R. M. Nieminen, M. H. Hakala, A. S. Foster 2006

Scattering effects in a positron lifetime beam line

Antti Laakso, Mikko Hakala, Antti Pelli, Klaus Rytsölä, Kimmo Saarinen 2004

Theoretical studies of interstitial boron defects in silicon

Mikko Hakala, M. J. Puska, R. M. Nieminen 1999