Matleena Muhonen

Academic Coordinator
Academic Coordinator
T213 Built Environment
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The International Deed of the Year: Sustainable Global Technologies Programme

Aalto student union (AYY) award for the Sustainable Global Technologies Programme for the International Deed of the Year 2017 for truly global approach to teaching and sustainable development. With the prize AYY wants to point out the importance of quality internationalization in Aalto and encourage both students and staff to work together for a better, more global-minded and open Aalto.
Palkinto tai huomionosoitus tuotoksesta Vesi- ja ympäristötekniikka May 2018

Teacher of the year 2020

Palkinto tai huomionosoitus tuotoksesta Arkkitehtuurin laitos Dec 2020


  • Vesi- ja ympäristötekniikka, Projektityöntekijä


Interplay of Cultures exhibition

Saija Hollmen, Matleena Muhonen 2020

Interplay of cultures : 25 years of education in global sustainability and humanitarian development at Aalto University

Saija Hollmen, Tomà Berlanda, Saija Hollmen, Hennu Kjisik, Sara Lindeman, Matleena Muhonen, Taru Niskanen, Charlotte Nyholm, Juhani Pallasmaa, Helena Sandman, Veikko Vasko, Inari Virkkala 2018

Sustainable Global Technologies

Matleena Muhonen 2018 Interplay of Cultures

World transition A strategy for multidisciplinary pedagogy in different cultural environments

Saija Hollmén, Tiina Laurila, Matleena Muhonen 2014 Architecture Otherwhere, Durban 2014, XXV International Union of Architects World Congress, 3-7 August