Mashrura Musharraf

Mashrura Musharraf

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
T212 Mechanical Engineering

I am an assistant professor of Marine Technology. My research interest is in applying data mining, machine learning, and AI techniques to build and deploy human-centered systems and solutions and create a safer marine industry. With the successful demonstration of the world’s first fully autonomous ferry, it is anticipated that ship intelligence will continue to reshape the maritime industry in the coming years. While decision-making by autonomous systems is somewhat straightforward for local vessel operations, it would be fairly complex for ocean-going ships in harsh conditions. For marine operations in ice, optimized task performance is not the only issue, rather auxiliary criteria such as safety and reliability are equally important. As the foundations for futuristic ships are being set, my research aims to acknowledge the importance of interpretability and transparency of the AI algorithms that would replace or support the limited crew on board.

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  • Marine and Arctic Technology, Assistant Professor


On the data-driven investigation of factors affecting the need for icebreaker assistance in ice-covered waters

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Decarbonizing shipping in ice by intelligent icebreaking assistance: A case study of the Finnish-Swedish winter navigation system

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Decision-support for winter navigation operations

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Cognitive Task Analysis to Understand Icebreaker Decision Making

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Pathfinding and optimization for vessels in ice : A literature review

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