Mark van der Giessen

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
E706 Dept. Management Studies
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Conditions, Actions and Purposes (CAP)

Megan O'Neill, Mark van der Giessen, Petra Bayerl, Yvonne Hail, Elizabeth Aston, Jarmo Houtsonen 2023 Policing

Collective sensemaking in the local response to a grand challenge: Recovery, alleviation and change-oriented responses to a refugee crisis

Mark van der Giessen, Christina Langenbusch, Gabriele Jacobs, Joep Cornelissen 2022 Human Relations

Community policing: The relevance of social contexts

Mark van der Giessen, Elisabeth Brein, Gabriele Jacobs 2017 Community Policing - a European Perspective

Estimating the production, consumption and export of cannabis: The Dutch Case

Mark van der Giessen, Marianne van Ooyen-Houben, Debora Moolenaar 2016 International Journal of Drug Policy

‘If he dies, I’ll kill you.’ Violence, paramedics and impression-management

Mark van der Giessen, Thaddeus Müller 2015 Contributions from European Symbolic Interactionists: Conflict and Cooperation