Manohar Kumar

Academy Research Fellow
Academy Research Fellow
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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Quantum transport, Fluctuation relations in small systems, Quantum Devices and Technologies, Low noise, high frequency measurement, Quantum Hall Effect, Electron quantum optics, 2-DEG, 114 Physical sciences


  • Quantum Circuits and Correlations, Academy Research Fellow


Emerging quantum hybrid systems for non-Abelian-state manipulation

Bhaskaran Muralidharan, Manohar Kumar, Chuan Li 2023 Frontiers in Nanotechnology

Critical current fluctuations in graphene Josephson junctions

Mohammad T. Haque, Marco Will, Matti Tomi, Preeti Pandey, Manohar Kumar, Felix Schmidt, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Romain Danneau, Gary Steele, Pertti Hakonen 2021 Scientific Reports

Strong magnetoresistance in a graphene Corbino disk at low magnetic fields

Masahiro Kamada, Vanessa Gall, Jayanta Sarkar, Manohar Kumar, Antti Laitinen, Igor Gornyi, Pertti Hakonen 2021 Physical Review B

Fractional statistics in anyon collisions

H. Bartolomei, M. Kumar, R. Bisognin, A. Marguerite, J. M. Berroir, E. Bocquillon, B. Plaçais, A. Cavanna, Q. Dong, U. Gennser, Y. Jin, G. Fève 2020 Science

Unconventional fractional quantum Hall states and Wigner crystallization in suspended Corbino graphene

Manohar Kumar, Antti Laitinen, Pertti Hakonen 2018 Nature Communications

Breakdown of Zero-Energy Quantum Hall State in Graphene in the Light of Current Fluctuations and Shot Noise

Antti Laitinen, Manohar Kumar, Teemu Elo, Ying Liu, T. S. Abhilash, Pertti J. Hakonen 2018 Journal of Low Temperature Physics

Gyrotropic Zener tunneling and nonlinear IV curves in the zero-energy Landau level of graphene in a strong magnetic field

Antti Laitinen, Manohar Kumar, Pertti Hakonen, Edouard Sonin 2018 Scientific Reports

Weak antilocalization of composite fermions in graphene

Antti Laitinen, Manohar Kumar, Pertti J. Hakonen 2018 Physical Review B

Defects in h-BN tunnel barrier for local electrostatic probing of two dimensional materials

Ying Liu, Zhenbing Tan, Manohar Kumar, T. S. Abhilash, Guan Jun Liu, Pertti Hakonen 2018 APL Materials