Maija Taka

Maija Taka

Academic Coordinator
T213 Built Environment
Academic Coordinator

Tietoa minusta

I worked as a post-doctoral researcher in Water and Environmental Engineering (Dept. of Built Environment, School of Engineering) and as a project coordinator in the Majakka project (2017-2021). y main responsibility was to develop structures and processes for doctoral education and facilitate co-creation of the research group culture.

As an academic coordinator (2022-) I continue the research-based doctoral education development in the whole School of Engineering. Additionally, my passion is to support sustainability by urban water management, focusing especially on water quality and floods.

My key areas are doctoral education, supervision, leadership, life-long learning, project management and urban runoff themes. Should you have any questions, I’m happy to help!


Ph.D. (2017) in Geography (University of Helsinki, Finland)

M.Sc. (2012) in Geography (University of Helsinki, Finland)


[email protected]
Tietotie 1 E 02150 Espoo Finland