Juha Siitonen

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
T105 Chemistry and Materials

Experimental and theoretical organic synthesis. Emphasis on total synthesis of natural products and physical organic chemistry.

Chemistry education and didactics. Emphasis on reaction mechanistic and physical-organic thinking.

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Organic chemistry, Natural products, Computational chemistry, Chemistry education, 116 Chemical sciences


Teaching Act 2022

Teaching Excellence is awarded in recognition of actions that positively impact students' learning, well-being, satisfaction, and academic achievement, and for developing engaging curricula.
Award or honor granted for a specific work ETOS group Dec 2022


  • ETOS group, Assistant Professor


Catalyst-free transfer hydrogenation of activated alkenes exploiting isopropanol as the sole and traceless reductant

Tamal Kanti Das, Agustin M. Rodriguez Treviño, Sanjay Pandiri, Sini Irvankoski, Juha H. Siitonen, Sara M. Rodriguez, Muhammed Yousufuddin, László Kürti 2023

Aza-Quasi-Favorskii Reaction: Construction of Highly Substituted Aziridines through a Concerted Multibond Rearrangement Process

Padmanabha V. Kattamuri, Jidong Zhao, Tamal Kanti Das, Juha H. Siitonen, Nathan Morgan, Daniel H. Ess, László Kürti 2022