Josias Láng-Ritter

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
T213 Built Environment

My main motivation is to contribute to a society that is more adapted to hydrometeorological extremes in a changing world.
I am passionate about the interactions of the hydrological cycle with socio-economic aspects, in particular the finding of good compromises between the different sectors involved in water resources.

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Water diplomacy, Artificial intelligence, Flood Risk Management


Allianz Climate Risk Research Award

1st prize of the competition
Award or honor granted for a specific work Department of Built Environment Jan 2018


  • Water and Environmental Eng., Postdoctoral Researcher


Compound flood impact forecasting : integrating fluvial and flash flood impact assessments into a unified system

Josias Láng-Ritter, Marc Berenguer, Francesco Dottori, Milan Kalas, Daniel Sempere-Torres 2022

Real-time assessment of flash flood impacts at pan-European scale : The ReAFFINE method

Josias Ritter, Marc Berenguer, Shinju Park, Daniel Sempere-Torres 2021

ReAFFIRM : Real-time Assessment of Flash Flood Impacts – a Regional high-resolution Method

Josias Ritter, Marc Berenguer, Carles Corral, Shinju Park, Daniel Sempere-Torres 2020