Jose Lado

Jose Lado

Assistant Professor
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
Assistant Professor

I am especially interested in materials where electronic correlations and topology yield exotic physics such as symmetry broken states, topological excitations and ultimately emerging fractionalized particles. A central part of my research focuses on two-dimensional materials, including graphene and two-dimensional magnetic materials. In this line, I aim to provide theoretical routes to engineer exotic states of matter in twisted van der Waals systems, including twisted graphene multilayers. As specific goals, I aim to unveil potential routes to engineer unconventional superconductors, quantum spin liquids, topological states and fractionalized matter in van der Waals materials. Besides this purely theoretical research line, I often work in collaboration with experimental groups studying quantum materials in general, and two-dimensional materials in particular.

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Konemiehentie 1 02150 Espoo Finland


Graphene, Topological materials, Topological superconductivity, Correlated materials, Magnetic two-dimensional materials, 114 Physical sciences, Condensed matter physics


Early Career Theory Award RSEF-BBVA

Early Career Theory Award, awarded by the Royal Spanish Physics Society – BBVA Foundation<br/>
Award or honor granted for academic or artistic career Department of Applied Physics Jan 2023

European Physical Society Early Career Award

Early Career Research prize, awarded by the European Physical Society<br/>
Award or honor granted for academic or artistic career Department of Applied Physics Jan 2023


  • Correlated Quantum Materials (CQM), Assistant Professor


Tuning spinaron and Kondo resonances via quantum confinement

Markus Aapro, Abraham Kipnis, Jose L. Lado, Shawulienu Kezilebieke, Peter Liljeroth 2024

Machine learning the Kondo entanglement cloud from local measurements

Faluke Aikebaier, Teemu Ojanen, Jose Lado 2024

Atomic-Scale Visualization of Multiferroicity in Monolayer NiI2

Mohammad Amini, Adolfo O. Fumega, Héctor González-Herrero, Viliam Vaňo, Shawulienu Kezilebieke, Jose L. Lado, Peter Liljeroth 2024

Doped Mott phase and charge correlations in monolayer 1T-NbSe2

Xin Huang, Jose Lado, Jani Sainio, Peter Liljeroth, Somesh Chandra Ganguli 2024

Moiré-enabled topological superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene

Maryam Khosravian, Elena Bascones, Jose Lado 2024

Non-Hermitian topology and criticality in photonic arrays with engineered losses

Elizabeth Pereira, Hongwei Li, Andrea Blanco-Redondo, Jose Lado 2024

Non-Hermitian Moiré Valley Filter

Kai Shao, Hao Geng, Erfu Liu, Jose Lado, Wei Chen, D. Y. Xing 2024

Control of Molecular Orbital Ordering Using a van der Waals Monolayer Ferroelectric

Mohammad Amini, Orlando Silveira Júnior, Viliam Vano, Jose Lado, Adam Foster, Peter Liljeroth, Kezilebieke Shawulienu 2023

Extreme sensitivity of the magnetic ground state to halide composition in FeCl3−xBrx

Andrew Cole, Alenna Streeter, Adolfo Otero Fumega, Xiaohan Yao, Zhi-Cheng Wang, Erxi Feng, Huibo Cao, Jose Lado, Stephen E. Nagler, Fazel Tafti 2023

Real-Space Imaging of Triplon Excitations in Engineered Quantum Magnets

Robert Drost, Shawulienu Kezilebieke, Jose L. Lado, Peter Liljeroth 2023

Visualization of Moiré Magnons in Monolayer Ferromagnet

Somesh Chandra Ganguli, Markus Aapro, Kezilebieke Shawulienu, Mohammad Amini, Jose Lado, Peter Liljeroth 2023

Andreev Reflection and Klein Tunneling in High-Temperature Superconductor-Graphene Junctions

Sharadh Jois, Jose Lado, Genda Gu, Qiang Li, Ji Ung Lee 2023

Effects of electron-electron interactions in the Yu-Shiba-Rusinov lattice model

Valerii Kachin, Teemu Ojanen, Jose Lado, Timo Hyart 2023

Hamiltonian Inference from Dynamical Excitations in Confined Quantum Magnets

Netta Karjalainen, Zina Lippo, Guangze Chen, Rouven Koch, Adolfo Otero Fumega, Jose Lado 2023

Local probe-induced structural isomerization in a one-dimensional molecular array

Shigeki Kawai, Orlando J. Silveira, Lauri Kurki, Zhangyu Yuan, Tomohiko Nishiuchi, Takuya Kodama, Kewei Sun, Oscar Custance, Jose L. Lado, Takashi Kubo, Adam S. Foster 2023

Atomic-Scale Andreev Probe of Unconventional Superconductivity

Wonhee Ko, Sang Yong Song, Jiaqiang Yan, Jose Lado, Petro Maksymovych 2023

Adversarial Hamiltonian learning of quantum dots in a minimal Kitaev chain

Rouven Koch, David van Driel, Alberto Bordin, Jose Lado, Eliska Greplova 2023

Evidence of Nodal Superconductivity in Monolayer 1H-TaS2 with Hidden Order Fluctuations

Viliam Vaňo, Somesh Chandra Ganguli, Mohammad Amini, Linghao Yan, Maryam Khosravian, Guangze Chen, Shawulienu Kezilebieke, Jose L. Lado, Peter Liljeroth 2023

Designing spin-textured flat bands in twisted graphene multilayers via helimagnet encapsulation

Guangze Chen, Maryam Khosravian, Jose Lado, Aline Ramires 2022

Confinement-Engineered Superconductor to Correlated-Insulator Transition in a van der Waals Monolayer

Somesh Ganguli, Viliam Vano, Kezilebieke Shawulienu, Jose Lado, Peter Liljeroth 2022

Topological multiferroic order in twisted transition metal dichalcogenide bilayers

Mikael Haavisto, Jose Lado, Adolfo Otero Fumega 2022

Moiré-enabled topological superconductivity

Kezilebieke Shawulienu, Viliam Vano, Md Nurul Huda, Markus Aapro, Somesh Chandra Ganguli, Peter Liljeroth, Jose Lado 2022

Lee-Yang theory of the two-dimensional quantum Ising model

Pascal Vecsei, Jose Lado, Christian Flindt 2022

Nonunitary multiorbital superconductivity from competing interactions in Dirac materials

Tobias Wolf, Maximilian F. Holst, Manfred Sigrist, Jose Lado 2022

Synthesis, engineering, and theory of 2D van der Waals magnets

M. Blei, Jose Lado, Q. Song, D. Dey, O. Erten, Victor Pardo, R. Comin, S. Tongay, A. S. Botana 2021

Observation of Yu–Shiba–Rusinov States in Superconducting Graphene

Eva Cortés-del Río, Jose Luis Lado, Vladimir Cherkez, Pierre Mallet, Jean Yves Veuillen, Juan Carlos Cuevas, José María Gómez-Rodríguez, Joaquín Fernández-Rossier, Iván Brihuega 2021

Kondo lattice mediated interactions in flat-band systems

Pramod Kumar, Guangze Chen, Jose Lado 2021

A layered unconventional superconductor

Jose L. Lado, Peter Liljeroth 2021

Putting a twist on spintronics

Jose L. Lado 2021

Many-body Majorana-like zero modes without gauge symmetry breaking

V. Vadimov, T. Hyart, J. L. Lado, M. Mottonen, T. Ala-Nissila 2021

Artificial heavy fermions in a van der Waals heterostructure

Viliam Vano, Mohammad Amini, Somesh Chandra Ganguli, Guangze Chen, Jose Lado, Kezilebieke Shawulienu, Peter Liljeroth 2021

Spontaneous Valley Spirals in Magnetically Encapsulated Twisted Bilayer Graphene

Tobias Wolf, Oded Zilberberg, Gianni Blatter, Jose Lado 2021

Quantum Confinement of Dirac Quasiparticles in Graphene Patterned with Sub-Nanometer Precision

Eva Cortés-del Río, Pierre Mallet, Héctor González-Herrero, José Luis Lado, Joaquín Fernández-Rossier, José María Gómez-Rodríguez, Jean-Yves Veuillen, Iván Brihuega 2020

Antichiral states in twisted graphene multilayers

M. Michael Denner, Jose Lado, Oded Zilberberg 2020

Emergence of criticality through a cascade of delocalization transitions in quasiperiodic chains

V. Goblot, A. Štrkalj, N. Pernet, J. L. Lado, C. Dorow, A. Lemaître, L. Le Gratiet, A. Harouri, I. Sagnes, S. Ravets, A. Amo, Jacqueline Bloch, O. Zilberberg 2020

Correlations in the elastic Landau level of spontaneously buckled graphene

A. L. R. Manesco, Jose Lado, E. V. S. Ribeiro, G. Weber, D. Rodrigues 2020

Accessing new magnetic regimes by tuning the ligand spin-orbit coupling in van der Waals magnets

Thomas A. Tartaglia, Joseph N. Tang, Jose L. Lado, Faranak Bahrami, Mykola Abramchuk, Gregory T. McCandless, Meaghan C. Doyle, Kenneth S. Burch, Ying Ran, Julia Y. Chan, Fazel Tafti 2020

Single spin resonance driven by electric modulation of the g-factor anisotropy

A. Ferrón, S. A. Rodríguez, S. S. Gómez, J. L. Lado, J. Fernández-Rossier 2019

Gap Opening in Twisted Double Bilayer Graphene by Crystal Fields

Peter Rickhaus, Giulia Zheng, Jose L. Lado, Yongjin Lee, Annika Kurzmann, Marius Eich, Riccardo Pisoni, Chuyao Tong, Rebekka Garreis, Carolin Gold, Michele Masseroni, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Wantanabe, Thomas Ihn, Klaus Ensslin 2019

Electrically Tunable Flat Bands and Magnetism in Twisted Bilayer Graphene

T. M. R. Wolf, J. L. Lado, G. Blatter, O. Zilberberg 2019

Tuning the Exchange Bias on a Single Atom from 1 mT to 10 T

Kai Yang, William Paul, Fabian D. Natterer, Jose L. Lado, Yujeong Bae, Philip Willke, Taeyoung Choi, Alejandro Ferrón, Joaquín Fernández-Rossier, Andreas J. Heinrich, Christopher P. Lutz 2019

Electron and Cooper-pair transport across a single magnetic molecule explored with a scanning tunneling microscope

J. Brand, S. Gozdzik, N. Néel, J. L. Lado, J. Fernández-Rossier, J. Kröger 2018

Real-space mapping of topological invariants using artificial neural networks

D. Carvalho, N. A. García-Martínez, J. L. Lado, J. Fernández-Rossier 2018

Probing magnetism in 2D van der Waals crystalline insulators via electron tunneling

D. R. Klein, D. MacNeill, J. L. Lado, D. Soriano, E. Navarro-Moratalla, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, S. Manni, P. Canfield, J. Fernández-Rossier, P. Jarillo-Herrero 2018

Electrical spin manipulation in graphene nanostructures

R. Ortiz, N. A. García-Martínez, J. L. Lado, J. Fernández-Rossier 2018

Hyperfine interaction of individual atoms on a surface

Philip Willke, Yujeong Bae, Kai Yang, Jose L. Lado, Alejandro Ferrón, Taeyoung Choi, Arzhang Ardavan, Joaquín Fernández-Rossier, Andreas J. Heinrich, Christopher P. Lutz 2018

Electrically controlled nuclear polarization of individual atoms

Kai Yang, Philip Willke, Yujeong Bae, Alejandro Ferrón, Jose L. Lado, Arzhang Ardavan, Joaquín Fernández-Rossier, Andreas J. Heinrich, Christopher P. Lutz 2018

Electrical detection of individual skyrmions in graphene devices

F. Finocchiaro, J. L. Lado, J. Fernandez-Rossier 2017

Characterization of highly crystalline lead iodide nanosheets prepared by room-temperature solution processing

Riccardo Frisenda, Joshua O. Island, Jose L. Lado, Emerson Giovanelli, Patricia Gant, Philipp Nagler, Sebastian Bange, John M. Lupton, Christian Schüller, Aday J. Molina-Mendoza, Lucia Aballe, Michael Foerster, Tobias Korn, Miguel Angel Niño, David Perez De Lara, Emilio M. Pérez, Joaquín Fernandéz-Rossier, Andres Castellanos-Gomez 2017

Anomalous magnetism in hydrogenated graphene

N. A. García-Martínez, J. L. Lado, D. Jacob, J. Fernández-Rossier 2017

Electrically Controllable Magnetism in Twisted Bilayer Graphene

Luis A. Gonzalez-Arraga, J. L. Lado, Francisco Guinea, Pablo San-Jose 2017

Exchange mechanism for electron paramagnetic resonance of individual adatoms

J. L. Lado, A. Ferrón, J. Fernández-Rossier 2017

On the origin of magnetic anisotropy in two dimensional CrI3

J. L. Lado, J. Fernández-Rossier 2017

Electronic transport in gadolinium atomic-size contacts

B. Olivera, C. Salgado, J. L. Lado, A. Karimi, V. Henkel, E. Scheer, J. Fernández-Rossier, Juan Jose Palacios, C. Untiedt 2017

Engineering the Eigenstates of Coupled Spin- 1/2 Atoms on a Surface

Kai Yang, Yujeong Bae, William Paul, Fabian D. Natterer, Philip Willke, Jose L. Lado, Alejandro Ferrón, Taeyoung Choi, Joaquín Fernández-Rossier, Andreas J. Heinrich, Christopher P. Lutz 2017

Topological features of engineered arrays of adsorbates in honeycomb lattices

Luis A. Gonzalez-Arraga, J. L. Lado, Francisco Guinea 2016

A kilobyte rewritable atomic memory

F. E. Kalff, M. P. Rebergen, E. Fahrenfort, J. Girovsky, R. Toskovic, J. L. Lado, J. Fernández-Rossier, A. F. Otte 2016

Quantum spin Hall effect in rutile-based oxide multilayers

Jose L. Lado, Daniel Guterding, Paolo Barone, Roser Valentí, Victor Pardo 2016

Centimeter-Scale Synthesis of Ultrathin Layered MoO3 by van der Waals Epitaxy

Aday J. Molina-Mendoza, José L. Lado, Joshua O. Island, Miguel Angel Niño, Lucía Aballe, Michael Foerster, Flavio Y. Bruno, Alejandro López-Moreno, Luis Vaquero-Garzon, Herre S.J. Van Der Zant, Gabino Rubio-Bollinger, Nicolás Agraït, Emilio M. Pérez, Joaquín Fernández-Rossier, Andres Castellanos-Gomez 2016

Engineering spin exchange in nonbipartite graphene zigzag edges

R. Ortiz, J. L. Lado, M. Melle-Franco, J. Fernández-Rossier 2016

Controlled Complete Suppression of Single-Atom Inelastic Spin and Orbital Cotunneling

Benjamin Bryant, Ranko Toskovic, Alejandro Ferrón, José L. Lado, Anna Spinelli, Joaquín Fernández-Rossier, Alexander F. Otte 2015

Electronic properties of transition metal atoms on Cu2 N/ Cu(100)

A. Ferrón, J. L. Lado, J. Fernández-Rossier 2015

Quantum spin Hall phase in multilayer graphene

N. A. García-Martínez, J. L. Lado, J. Fernández-Rossier 2015

Edge states in graphene-like systems

J. L. Lado, N. García-Martínez, J. Fernández-Rossier 2015

Majorana zero modes in graphene

P. San-Jose, J. L. Lado, R. Aguado, F. Guinea, J. Fernández-Rossier 2015

Magnetic edge anisotropy in graphenelike honeycomb crystals

J. L. Lado, J. Fernández-Rossier 2014

Quantum Hall effect in gapped graphene heterojunctions

J. L. Lado, J. W. González, J. Fernández-Rossier 2013