Jorge Velasco

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
T106 Chemical and Metallurgical Eng
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  • Catalysis, Postdoctoral Researcher


Simulation of conformality of ALD growth inside lateral channels: comparison between a diffusion-reaction model and a ballistic transport-reaction model

Jänis Järvilehto, Jorge A. Velasco, Jihong Yim, Christine Gonsalves, Riikka L. Puurunen 2023 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Simulation of Conformality of ALD Growth Inside Lateral Channels: Comparison Between a Diffusion-Reaction Model and a Ballistic Model

Jorge A. Velasco, Jänis Järvilehto, Jihong Yim, Christine Gonsalves, Emma Verkama, Riikka L. Puurunen 2022

Feature-scale conformality of atomic layer deposition from continuum to free molecular flow: how Knudsen number influences thickness profile characteristics

Jorge Velasco Calsina, Christine Gonsalves, Gizem Ersavas Isitman, Jihong Yim, Emma Verkama, Daulet Izbassarov, Ville Vuorinen, Riikka Puurunen 2022

Conformality of atomic layer deposition in microchannels: impact of process parameters on the simulated thickness profile

Jihong Yim, Emma Verkama, Jorge A. Velasco, Karsten Arts, Riikka L. Puurunen 2022 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics