Helena Sustar

Hourly paid Teacher
Hourly paid Teacher
U411 Life-Wide Learning
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Service design, Systemic design, Empathic design, Co-design


Beyond service design: understanding complex challenges on a systemic level

Andre Santos, Helena Sustar 2023 ServDes 2023 : Entanglements and Flows, Service Encounters and Meanings

Service Design as a Sustainability Assessment Approach for Circular Business Models Case: Assessment of Finnish circular companies' business models from the service design perspective

Helena Sustar 2022 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on New Business Models: Sustainable Business Model Challenges: Economic Recovery and Digital Transformation

Whole in One

Helena Sustar, Tuuli Mattelmäki 2017 DESIGN+POWER

Problematizing Evidence-Based Design

Helena Sustar, Luke Feast 2016 Proceedings of DRS2016

The Levels of Citizen Engagement in Urban Development

Renita Niemi, Helena Sustar, Anne Kokkonen 2015

Designing with Immigrants

Mariana Salgado, Helena Sustar, Michail Galanakis 2015

Hand in hand: When design put things into places

Jaana Hyvärinen, Helena Sustar 2014 RESER2014. Proceedings of 24th Annual RESER Conference, 11-13 September 2014, Helsinki.

Engaging teenagers productively in service design

Simon Bowen, Helena Sustar, Daniel Wolstenholme, Andy Dearden 2013