Gheorghe-Sorin Paraoanu

Vanhempi yliopistonlehtori
Vanhempi yliopistonlehtori
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • Superconducting Qubits and Circuit QED, Senior University Lecturer


Detecting virtual photons in ultrastrongly coupled superconducting quantum circuits

L. Giannelli, E. Paladino, M. Grajcar, G. S. Paraoanu, G. Falci 2024 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH

High-fidelity robust qubit control by phase-modulated pulses

Marko Kuzmanović, Isak Björkman, John J. McCord, Shruti Dogra, Gheorghe Sorin Paraoanu 2024 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH

Critical parametric quantum sensing

R. Di Candia, F. Minganti, K.V. Petrovnin, G.S. Paraoanu, S. Felicetti 2023 npj Quantum Information

Integrated conversion and photodetection of virtual photons in an ultrastrongly coupled superconducting quantum circuit

Luigi Giannelli, Giorgio Anfuso, Miroslav Grajcar, Gheorghe Sorin Paraoanu, Elisabetta Paladino, Giuseppe Falci 2023 EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL: SPECIAL TOPICS

Optimized emulation of quantum magnetometry via superconducting qubits

N. N. Gusarov, M. R. Perelshtein, P. J. Hakonen, G. S. Paraoanu 2023 Physical Review A

Microwave Gaussian quantum sensing with a CNOT gate receiver

Hany Khalifa, Kirill Petrovnin, Riku Jantti, Gheorghe Sorin Paraoanu 2023 IEEE Access

Theory of coherent interaction-free detection of pulses

John J. McCord, Shruti Dogra, Gheorghe Sorin Paraoanu 2023 PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH

Generation and Structuring of Multipartite Entanglement in a Josephson Parametric System

Kirill Viktorovich Petrovnin, Michael Romanovich Perelshtein, Tero Korkalainen, Visa Vesterinen, Ilari Lilja, Gheorghe Sorin Paraoanu, Pertti Juhani Hakonen 2023 Advanced Quantum Technologies

Coherent interaction-free detection of microwave pulses with a superconducting circuit

Shruti Dogra, John J. McCord, Gheorghe Sorin Paraoanu 2022 Nature Communications

Experimental demonstration of robustness under scaling errors for superadiabatic population transfer in a superconducting circuit

Shruti Dogra, Antti Vepsäläinen, Gheorghe Sorin Paraoanu 2022 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences