Esko Penttinen

Associate Professor
Associate Professor
E704 Dept. Information and Service Management

Professor of Practice Esko Penttinen specializes in automation tools and use of structured data in financial value chain processes. His research interests lie in improving our understanding how automation and human work should be integrated so that the risks of potential detrimental effects (such as deskilling) can be mitigated. Esko is also interested in governance issues (such as outsourcing and enablement of virtual work processes) related to the implementation of automation tools and cloud computing. Esko conducts empirical research (both qualitative and quantitative) around electronic financial systems, cloud-based accounting information systems, government reporting, and electronic invoicing.

Besides research and teaching, Esko leads the Real-Time Economy Competence Center at Aalto University and is chairman of XBRL Finland.

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Real-time economy, Electronic commerce, Electronic invoicing, Xbrl, Information systems, Information economy


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