Ena Naito

Project Employee
Project Employee
U401 Aalto Studios

Ena is an interdisciplinary design researcher, working at the intersection between biology, design, and co-learning. Her doctoral research investigates makerspaces as sites for cultivating sustainability competencies, particularly by integrating biodesign into learning processes. Through this research, she also explores alternative socio-cultural knowledge systems towards expanding environmental sustainability research beyond the West.

In addition, she is a researcher for the Erasmus+ collaborative project, CoCoon – Co-Creating Greener Futures, which develops methodologies and processes to empower sustainable ways of making, as well as advocating innovative use of bio-based materials. Ena holds an MA in Contemporary Design with CHEMARTS from Aalto University, and BFA in Fine Art from the University of Oxford, UK. 

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Biodesign, Biomaterials, Sustainability, sustainability education, Infrastructural design


DipWrap team awarded for outstanding science @Biodesign Challenge

Recipient of Outstanding Science Award at the international Biodesign Challenge. Innovation of sustainable alternative to plastic shrink wrapping.
Invitation or ranking in competition School Common ARTS Jun 2021