Eero Kontturi

T107 Bioproducts and Biosystems

With M.Sc. in Wood Chemistry (2001) and Ph.D. in Surface Science (2005), my research interests lie broadly within interfacial phenomena occuring in plant-based materials. This includes surface reactions (particularly gas-solid), adsorption-based approaches and fundamental analytics utilising ultrathin films. The general aim is to develop new materials by fundamental physico-chemical understanding of plant-based materials (especially cellulose). My recent work involves illuminating cellulose-water interactions, new preparation techniques for cellulose nanocrystals, and exploring new materials based on cellulose-inorganic hybrid thin films.

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Hayashi Jisuke Award 2017

A recognition by the Cellulose Society of Japan for outstanding international achievements in the field of cellulose chemistry.
Award or honor granted for academic or artistic career Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Jan 2017


  • Materials Chemistry of Cellulose, Professor


Innovations in hydrogel-based manufacturing: A comprehensive review of direct ink writing technique for biomedical applications

Hossein Baniasadi, Roozbeh Abidnejad, Mahyar Fazeli, Juha Lipponen, Jukka Niskanen, Eero Kontturi, Jukka Seppälä, Orlando J. Rojas 2024 Advances in Colloid and Interface Science

Pretreatment to Retrieve Xylose and Xylooligosaccharides by HCl Gas Directly from Biomass

A. Topias Kilpinen, Kaarlo Nieminen, Eero Kontturi 2024 ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering

Adsorption of Polystyrene from Theta Condition on Cellulose and Silica Studied by Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Katri S. Kontturi, Laleh Solhi, Eero Kontturi, Tekla Tammelin 2024 Langmuir

Nucleation and Diffusion-Controlled Growth of FeNi Permalloy Nanoparticles in a Deep Eutectic Solvent Based on Choline Chloride: Kinetic Behavior and Magnetic Property

Tu Le Manh, Jose Alberto Benitez Perez, Pedro Martinez-Ortiz, Anh Hoang Pham, Thuy Linh Phi, Kristoffer Meinander, Eero Kontturi, H’Linh Hmŏk, Hoang Thi Thanh Thuy, Nguyen Van Hieu 2024 Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Dispersing uncharged cellulose nanocrystals through a precipitation surface modification route using oligosaccharides

Megan G. Roberts, Elina Niinivaara, Timo Pääkkönen, Cameron W. King, Eero Kontturi, Emily D. Cranston 2024 Materials Advances

Microwave hydrolysis, as a sustainable approach in the processing of seaweed for protein and nanocellulose management

Anna Trubetskaya, Huy Quang Lê, Jenni Leppiniemi, Tetyana Koso, Teemu Välisalmi, Markus B. Linder, Italo Pisano, Jinze Dou, J. J. Leahy, Eero Kontturi 2024 Algal Research

Thermoresponsive and biocompatible poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-cellulose nanocrystals hydrogel for cell growth

Anna Trubetskaya, Jenni Leppiniemi, Sami Lipponen, Salvatore Lombardo, Wim Thielemans, Thaddeus Maloney, Timo Pääkkönen, Kavindra Kumar Kesari, Janne Ruokolainen, Vesa P. Hytönen, Eero Kontturi 2024 Materials Advances

Production of Water-Soluble Carbohydrates from Aspen Wood Flour with Hydrogen Chloride Gas

A. Topias Kilpinen, Timo Pääkkönen, Kaarlo Nieminen, Eero Kontturi 2023 Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research

Efficient Isolation Method for Highly Charged Phosphorylated Cellulose Nanocrystals

Marcel Kröger, Olamide Badara, Timo Pääkkönen, Inge Schlapp-Hackl, Sami Hietala, Eero Kontturi 2023 Biomacromolecules

Engineered Protein Copolymers for Heparin Neutralization and Detection

Qing Liu, Ahmed Shaukat, Zhoujun Meng, Sami Nummelin, Tekla Tammelin, Eero Kontturi, Renko De Vries, Mauri Kostiainen 2023 Biomacromolecules