Chen Liang

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • Molecular Materials, Postdoctoral Researcher


Toughening Hydrogels with Fibrillar Connected Double Networks

Yu Huang Fang, Chen Liang, Ville Liljeström, Zhong Peng Lv, Olli Ikkala, Hang Zhang 2024 Advanced Materials

Programmable and Self-Healable Liquid Crystal Elastomer Actuators Based on Halogen Bonding

Hongshuang Guo, Chen Liang, Tero Petri Ruoko, Henning Meteling, Bo Peng, Hao Zeng, Arri Priimagi 2023 Angewandte Chemie - International Edition

Thermally trainable dual network hydrogels

Shanming Hu, Yuhuang Fang, Chen Liang, Matti Turunen, Olli Ikkala, Hang Zhang 2023 Nature Communications