Anouar Belahcen

Anouar Belahcen

T410 Dept. Electrical Engineering and Automation
Vice Dean
School services, ELEC

I do research in the field of magnetic materials modelling and numerical analysis of energy conversion devices. My interests are the losses in electrical machines, model order reduction methods, Multi-scale modelling of electrical steel, diagnosis and condition monitoring of electrical machines, magnetomechanics, and noise and vibrations, among others

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Electrical Machines, Electromagnetic field computation, Magnetic material modelling, Magnetostriction, Magneto-elasticity, Energy conversion, 213 Electronic, automation and communications engineering, electronics, Electrical engineering, Electric power engineering, Metals, Computational science


  • Computational Electromechanics


Adapting geometry-based polygonal contacts for simulating faulty rolling bearing dynamics

Milla Vehviläinen, Pekka Rahkola, Janne Keränen, Jari Halme, Jussi Sopanen, Olli Liukkonen, Antti Holopainen, Kari Tammi, Anouar Belahcen 2024 Mechanism and Machine Theory

Magnetic Material Modelling of Electrical Machines

Anouar Belahcen, Armando Pires, Vitor Fernão Pires 2023 Energies

Special Issue "Magnetic Material Modelling of Electrical Machines"

Anouar Belahcen, Armando Pires, Victor Fernão Pires 2023 Energies

Generation of Unmeasured Loading Levels Data for Condition Monitoring of Induction Machine Using Machine Learning

Md Masum Billah, Alireza Nemat Saberi, Ahmed Hemeida, Floran Martin, Karolina Kudelina, Bilal Asad, Muhammad U. Naseer, Victor Mukherjee, Anouar Belahcen 2023 IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

Radial Lumped-parameter Model of a Ball Bearing for Simulated Fault Signatures

Nada El Bouharrouti, Floran Martin, Anouar Belahcen 2023 Proceedings of the 2023 IEEE 14th International Symposium on Diagnostics for Electrical Machines, Power Electronics and Drives, SDEMPED 2023

An Energy-Based Anisotropic Vector Hysteresis Model for Rotational Electromagnetic Core Loss

Ruiying Chen, Floran Martin, Yongjian Li, Shuaichao Yue, Anouar Belahcen 2023 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

Multiaxial validation of a magneto-elastic vector-play model

Luiz Guilherme Da Silva, Laurent Bernard, Floran Martin, Anouar Belahcen, Laurent Daniel 2023 IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

AC Losses in Windings: Review and Comparison of Models with Application in Electric Machines

Taha El Hajji, Sami Hlioui, François Louf, Mohamed Gabsi, Anouar Belahcen, Guillaume Mermaz-Rollet, M'Hamed Belhadi 2023 IEEE Access

AC Loss Analysis Approaches for Hairpin Winding Configuration: Analytical, Hybrid Model, and FEA

Payam Shams Ghahfarokhi, Ants Kallaste, Andrejs Podgornovs, Antonio J.Marques Cardoso, Anouar Belahcen, Toomas Vaimann 2023 CPE-POWERENG 2023 - 17th IEEE International Conference on Compatibility, Power Electronics and Power Engineering