Anni Nora

Visiting Scholar
Visiting Scholar
T314 Dept. Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
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Children at risk for dyslexia show deficient left-hemispheric memory representations for new spoken word forms

A. Nora, H. Renvall, M. Ronimus, J. Kere, H. Lyytinen, R. Salmelin 2021 NeuroImage

Dynamic Time-Locking Mechanism in the Cortical Representation of Spoken Words

A. Nora, A. Faisal, J. Seol, H. Renvall, E. Formisano, R. Salmelin 2020 eNeuro

Children show right-lateralized effects of spoken word-form learning

Anni Nora, Leena Karvonen, Hanna Renvall, Tiina Parviainen, Jeong Young Kim, Elisabet Service, Riitta Salmelin 2017 PloS one

Kernel convolution model for decoding sounds from time-varying neural responses

Ali Faisal, Anni Nora, Jaeho Seol, Hanna Renvall, Riitta Salmelin 2015 IEEE International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in NeuroImaging (PRNI), Stanford, CA, 10-12 June 2015

Distinct Effects of Memory Retrieval and Articulatory Preparation when Learning and Accessing New Word Forms

Anni Nora, Hanna Renvall, Jeong-Young Kim, Elisabet Service, Riitta Salmelin 2015 PloS one

Two Distinct Auditory-Motor Circuits for Monitoring Speech Production as Revealed by Content-Specific Suppression of Auditory Cortex

Sari Ylinen, Anni Nora, Alina Leminen, Tero Hakala, Minna Huotilainen, Yury Shtyrov, Jyrki P. Mäkelä, Elisabeth Service 2015 Cerebral Cortex

Long-term phonological learning begins at the level of word form

Anni Nora, Annika Hultén, Leena Karvonen, Jeong-Young Kim, Minna Lehtonen, Hely Yli-Kaitala, Elisabeth Service, Riitta Salmelin 2012 NeuroImage