Alexander Zyuzin

Research Fellow
Research Fellow
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • Quantum Circuits and Correlations, Academy Research Fellow


Unconventional superconductivity with preformed pairs in twisted bilayer graphene

Sk Firoz Islam, A. Yu Zyuzin, Alexander A. Zyuzin 2023 Physical Review B

Thermal self-oscillations in monolayer graphene coupled to a superconducting microwave cavity

M. T. Haque, M. Will, A. Zyuzin, D. Golubev, P. Hakonen 2022 New Journal of Physics

Electron–phonon coupling in copper intercalated Bi 2 Se 3

Maciej Wiesner, Kristie Koski, Antti Laitinen, Juuso Manninen, Alexander A. Zyuzin, Pertti Hakonen 2022 Scientific Reports

Anisotropic resistivity and superconducting instability in ferroelectric metals

Vladimir A. Zyuzin, Alexander A. Zyuzin 2022 Physical Review B

Preformed Cooper pairs in flat-band semimetals

Alexander A. Zyuzin, A. Yu Zyuzin 2022 Physical Review B

Collective modes in an imbalanced nodal-line semimetal

SK Firoz Islam, Alexander Zyuzin 2021 Physical Review B (Condensed Matter and Materials Physics)

Casimir force between Weyl semimetals in a chiral medium

M. Belen Farias, Alexander A. Zyuzin, Thomas L. Schmidt 2020 Physical Review B

Propagation of light through an amplifying honeycomb photonic lattice

Sk Firoz Islam, Pascal Simon, Alexander A. Zyuzin 2020 Physical Review A

Antichiral and nematicity-wave superconductivity

Mats Barkman, Alexander A. Zyuzin, Egor Babaev 2019 Physical Review B

Photoinduced interfacial chiral modes in threefold topological semimetal

S. K. Firoz Islam, A. A. Zyuzin 2019 Physical Review B