Ahmad BahooToroody

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
T212 Mechanical Engineering
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Bayesian Statistics, Reliability, Risk analysis, Autonomous systems


  • Marine and Arctic Technology, Postdoctoral Researcher


Integrating physics-based simulations with Gaussian processes for enhanced safety assessment of offshore installations

Mohammad Mahdi Abaei, Bernt Johan Leira, Svein Sævik, Ahmad BahooToroody 2024

Review of research progress of autonomous and unmanned shipping and identification of future research directions

Ivana Jovanović, Maja Perčić, Ahmad BahooToroody, Ailong Fan, Nikola Vladimir 2024

Machine learning and deep learning for safety applications : Investigating the intellectual structure and the temporal evolution

Leonardo Leoni, Ahmad BahooToroody, Mohammad Mahdi Abaei, Alessandra Cantini, Farshad BahooToroody, Filippo De Carlo 2024

Time-series forecasting for health monitoring of marine and offshore renewable energy systems

Mohammad Mahdi Abaei, Ahmad BahooToroody, Ehsan Arzaghi, Vikram Garaniya, Tommi Inkinen, Rouzbeh Abbassi 2023 Professor Ian Young Honouring Symposium on Global Ocean Wind and Wave Climate; Blue Economy Symposium; Small Maritime Nations Symposium

Real-time risk monitoring of ship pilotage operations: Automating BN risk model development

Sunil Basnet, Ahmad BahooToroody, Victor Bolbot, Osiris Valdez Banda 2023 Proceedings of the 33rd European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2023)

Risk analysis methodology using STPA-based Bayesian network- applied to remote pilotage operation

Sunil Basnet, Ahmad BahooToroody, Meriam Chaal, Janne Lahtinen, Victor Bolbot, Osiris Valdez Banda 2023

Selecting cost-effective risk control option for advanced maritime operations; Integration of STPA-BN-Influence diagram

Sunil Basnet, Ahmad BahooToroody, Jakub Montewka, Meriam Chaal, Osiris Valdez Banda 2023

Analysis of autonomous ships’ impact on the maritime practitioners required skills

Victor Bolbot, Oussama Methlouthi, Meriam Chaal, Osiris Valdez Banda, Ahmad BahooToroody, Anastasia Tsvetkova, Magnus Hellström, Jouni Saarni 2023

Investigation of Statutory and Class Society Based Requirements for Electronic Lookout

Victor Bolbot, Douglas Owen, Meriam Chaal, Ahmad BahooToroody, Martin Bergström, Marko Rahikainen, Osiris Valdez Banda 2023 Proceedings of the 33rd European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2023)