Elektroniikan ja nanotekniikan laitos

Mikro- ja kvanttisysteemit

Mikro-ja kvanttijärjestelmien ryhmä on osa Aalto-yliopiston elektroniikan ja nanotekniikan laitosta. Ryhmä toimii nanovalmistuksen Micronova-tutkimuskeskuksessa.

(Kuva: Ruoho, M., Juntunen, T., & Tittonen, I. (2016). Large-area thermoelectric high-aspect-ratio nanostructures by atomic layer deposition. Nanotechnology, 27(35), 355403. https://doi.org/10.1088/0957-4484/27/35/355403)
SEM images of fracture surfaces

 Our current research topics include

-    Photoelectrocatalysis
-    Plasmonic nanoparticles
-    Nanoscale thermal engineering and thermoelectrics
-    Semiconductor quantum optics
-    Quantum information and -computing

We aim to combine simulation studies with experimental work to find intriguing approaches for experiments and concurrently, to validate the computational effort. In addition to research work, we participate actively in teaching, especially in the frameworks of Quantum Technologies B.Sc. program and Electronics and Nanotechnology M.Sc. program.

We are always interested in collaborating with new people. If you are interested in working with us, whether in terms of a M. Sc. thesis, or a research visit or -collaboration, please contact Prof. Ilkka Tittonen (contact details below).


Current research frameworks:

  • The Academy of Finland project eVapor, within the ICT 2023 program, for the self-standing harvest of energy from water evaporation into electrical power for the operation of microcontrollers and other low-power devices

Past research frameworks:

  • The European Union project TransFlexTeg , within the H2020 program, for the development of large-area transparent thin films, their thermoelectric applications, and the investigation of thermal transport phenomena
  •  The Academy of Finland project OPTOBIO, within the New Energy Program, for the generation of solar fuels via photoelectrochemical water electrolysis by semiconductor and plasmonic materials

Latest publications

Single-step chemical vapour deposition of anti-pyramid MoS2/WS2vertical heterostructures

Xueyin Bai, Shisheng Li, Susobhan Das, Luojun Du, Yunyun Dai, Lide Yao, Ramesh Raju, Mingde Du, Harri Lipsanen, Zhipei Sun 2021 Nanoscale

Photoelectrochemical, photocatalytic and electrocatalytic behavior of titania films modified by nitrogen and platinum species

D. Ihnatiuk, V. Vorobets, M. Šihor, C. Tossi, G. Kolbasov, N. Smirnova, I. Tittonen, A. Eremenko, K. Kočí, O. Linnik 2021 Applied Nanoscience (Switzerland)

Towards precision holography

Niko Jokela, Arttu Pönni 2021 Physical Review D

Influence of AlN interlayer on AlGaN/GaN heterostructures grown by metal organic chemical vapour deposition

Raju Ramesh, Ponnusamy Arivazhagan, K. Prabakaran, S. Sanjay, K. Baskar 2021 Materials Chemistry and Physics

Enhancement of visible light photodetector performance for ultrafast switching using flower shaped gallium nitride nanostructures

Sanjay Sankaranarayanan, Prabakaran Kandasamy, Ramesh Raju, Saravanan Gengan, Baskar Krishnan 2021 Scripta Materialia

Hydrogen induced interface engineering in Fe2O3-TiO2heterostructures for efficient charge separation for solar-driven water oxidation in photoelectrochemical cells

Aadesh P. Singh, Richard Baochang Wang, Camilla Tossi, Ilkka Tittonen, Björn Wickman, Anders Hellman 2021 RSC Advances

Enhancing the Hydrogen Evolution Properties of Kesterite Absorber by Si-Doping in the Surface of CZTS Thin Film

Manoj Vishwakarma, Mukesh Kumar, Mylène Hendrickx, Joke Hadermann, Aadesh P. Singh, Yogita Batra, B. R. Mehta 2021 Advanced Materials Interfaces

Enhanced Thermoelectric Transport and Stability in Atomic Layer Deposited HfO2/ZnO and TiO2/ZnO Sandwiched Multilayer Thin Films

Jenichi Clairvaux Felizco, Taneli Juntunen, Mutsunori Uenuma, Jarkko Etula, Camilla Tossi, Yasuaki Ishikawa, Ilkka Tittonen, Yukiharu Uraoka 2020 ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Management of light and scattering in InP NWs by dielectric polymer shell

Tuomas Haggren, Nicklas Anttu, Henrik Mäntynen, Camilla Tossi, Maria Kim, Vladislav Khayrudinov, Harri Lipsanen 2020 Nanotechnology
More information on our research in the Research database.
Research database


In addition to the extensive Micronova cleanroom facilities, important equipment on which MQS members have considerable expertise are listed below.

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