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Akustiikan ja äänenkäsittelyn väitöskirjat

Tällä sivulla luetellaan akustiikan ja äänenkäsittelytekniikan väitöskirjat, jotka on tehty Aalto-yliopiston akustiikan laboratoriossa. Väitöskirjaan liittyvä tohtorintutkinto on yleensä myönnetty Aalto-yliopiston sähkötekniikan korkeakoulusta tai perustieteiden korkeakoulusta.
  1. Otto Puomio, Parametric analysis and reproduction of indoor acoustic environments, Aalto University School of Science, 2021

  2. Henna Tahvanainen, Analysis and perception of the seat-dip effect in concert halls, Aalto-yliopiston perustieteiden korkeakoulu, 2021

  3. Benoit Alary, Analysis and synthesis of directional reverberation, 2021

  4. Henri Pöntynen, Effects of spatial cue dynamics on the perceptual organization of sound, 2021

  5. Juho Liski, Equalizer design for sound reproduction, 2020

  6. Sebastian Prepelita, Verification and validation of wave-based simulations of head-related transfer functions, Aalto-yliopiston perustieteiden korkeakoulu, 2020

  7. Jukka Saarelma, Finite-difference time-domain method for room acoustic simulation – Auralization and applications, Aalto-yliopiston perustieteiden korkeakoulu, 2019

  8. Alessandro Altoè, Using models to deduce the functioning of the mammalian cochlea, 2018

  9. Aki Haapaniemi, Perceptual studies in concert hall acoustics, Aalto-yliopiston perustieteiden korkeakoulu, 2018

  10. Fabián Francisco Esqueda Flores, Aliasing reduction in nonlinear audio signal processing, 2018

  11. Symeon Delikaris-Manias, Parametric spatial audio processing utilising compact microphone arrays, 2017

  12. Javier Gomez Bolanos, Features and applications of the laser-induced spark as a monopole source for acoustic impulse response measurements, 2017

  13. Olli Rummukainen, Reproducing reality: Perception and quality in immersive audiovisual environments, 2016

  14. Archontis Politis, Microphone array processing for parametric spatial audio techniques, 2016

  15. Antti Kuusinen, Multidimensional perception of concert hall acoustics: Studies with the loudspeaker orchestra, 2016

  16. Robert Albrecht, Methods and applications of mobile audio augmented reality, 2016

  17. Olli Santala, Perception and auditory modeling of spatially complex sound scenarios, 2015

  18. Jukka Keränen, Measurement and prediction of the spatial decay of speech in open-plan offices, 2015

  19. Juha Vilkamo, Perceptually motivated time-frequency processing of spatial audio, 2014

  20. Marko Takanen, Functional modeling of hearing for assessment of spatial sound reproduction, 2014

  21. Mikko-Ville Laitinen, Techniques for versatile spatial-audio reproduction in time-frequency domain, 2014

  22. Stefano D’Angelo, Virtual analog modeling of nonlinear musical circuits, 2014

  23. Jussi Rämö, Equalization techniques for headphone listening, 2014

  24. Jussi Pekonen, Filter-based oscillator algorithms for virtual analog synthesis, 2014

  25. Hannes Gamper, Enabling technologies for audio augmented reality systems, 2014

  26. Jukka Ahonen, Microphone front-ends for spatial sound analysis and synthesis with Directional Audio Coding, 2013

  27. Rafael Dias de Paiva, Circuit modeling studies related to guitars and audio processing, 2013

  28. Julian D. Parker, Dispersive systems in musical audio signal processing, 2013

  29. Jari Kleimola, Nonlinear abstract sound synthesis algorithms, 2013

  30. Raine Kajastila, Interaction with eyes-free and gestural interfaces, 2013

  31. Marko Hiipakka, Estimating pressure at the eardrum for binaural reproduction, 2012

  32. Antti Jylhä, Sonic gestures and rhythmic interaction between the human and the computer, 2012

  33. Jukka Pätynen, A virtual symphony orchestra for studies on concert hall acoustics, 2011

  34. Sakari Tervo, Localization and tracing of early acoustic reflections in enclosures, 2011

  35. Heidi-Maria Lehtonen, Analysis, perception, and synthesis of the piano sound, 2010

  36. Gaëtan Lorho, Perceived quality evaluation: An application to sound reproduction over headphones, 2010

  37. Heli Koskinen, Hearing loss among classical musicians: Needs, means and attitudes, 2010

  38. Samuel Siltanen, Efficient physics-based room-acoustics modeling and auralization, 2010

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